How to make money by car? Five ways

Today the car is not only a vehiclemovement, but also a means of earning. The advantages of owning a car are quite obvious. Do not go to the subway or wait at public transport stops. You can go out of town with your family or go on vacation to the nearest resort. But there are significant costs: technical inspection, refueling, insurance, replacement of components, parking, etc. In this regard, some people simply do not have enough money to maintain their "iron horse". Therefore, they are thinking about how to make money on the machine to get additional funds. Consider the most popular ways.

how to make money by car

1. Private transportation

This is the simplest and most obvious way of howto earn money by car. All that is needed - to travel around the city and bring up fellow travelers. You can work for yourself and for the organization, getting a percentage of the order. Usually its size varies from 10 to 30%. In order to avoid downtime, it is better to settle into several firms at once. This method of earning has two significant advantages: constant money and the opportunity to manage your own time. There is also a minus, especially if you work on your own car: its wear increases many times, and at any time you have to be ready for a major overhaul.

2. Work for the company

Sometimes it happens that solid companies thatdo not even think about how to make money by car, hire drivers with a personal car to meet the transport needs of their management or staff. And the car must be a business class. It is easier and cheaper for such firms to hire a driver from outside than to maintain their own. In addition to the basic salary, the costs for cellular communications, gasoline and depreciation of cars are compensated. The main thing that all this was spelled out in the employment contract.

on which machine you can earn

3. Sales Representative

No less popular way of how to earnby car, is the work of a sales representative, which is associated with traveling around the city and the region. Sometimes long trips are possible. Such work involves the payment of various costs: fuel, cellular, hotels, etc. The amount of income depends solely on personal abilities. When working as a sales representative, it is not so much driving skills that are important as the ability to enter into appropriate contracts.

4. Delivery of goods

This type of earnings implies deliveryany cargo, from documents to furniture. The most important thing is not to forget to get a signature from the client about the delivery of the goods. There are two options: work for the company or for yourself. If you are the owner of one or more cars, you should think about how you can make money on cars and choose the second option. Then hire the freight forwarders and monitor their work. With a good advertising company, a steady stream of customers will be provided.

how you can make money on machines

5. Renting out

This is not the most popular type of earnings and, toUnfortunately, he has a serious minus. Very often after the end of the rental period, cars are returned in terrible condition. Therefore, the question of beginning businessmen about the kind of machine you can earn, a completely logical answer arises: to any, most importantly, that it is not new. After repairing a used car will be much cheaper than repairing a new one.

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