Interesting facts from human psychology

Many interesting facts from psychology are taken fromhuman life. Psychology is a relatively new discipline, but many know about this already popular science. The following conclusions were made by psychologists on the basis of their own observations. And not all of them speak in favor of humanity.

Gestalt psychology

Interesting facts from psychology

In the science we are considering, there isa direction like gestalt psychology. There are two basic concepts in it: the figure and the background. A figure is an object that differs or stands out from the rest, all other objects are automatically assigned to the background, and the person does not notice them. This interesting discovery was used for the needs of the army. A camouflage net was created, which concealed the technique. And from the height of the flight it was difficult to understand which object on earth, just a mound or a tank. Thus, a camouflage uniform of a gray-green color appeared. It now seems to be something natural, but she appeared thanks to the concepts of background and figure, open psychologists.

Interesting facts from psychology: carpet bombing

An American psychologist came to the conclusion thatsoldiers can be deprived of motivation to fight, if you take away from them all the most precious: parents, children, wives. He believed that such an army would be very easy to destroy. As a result, the Americans began to use carpet bombing in a battle with the Germans. But the psychologist made a mistake, and these actions made the soldiers even more cruel. Soon the bombing was stopped.

Interesting facts from human psychology on the topic of attractiveness

Psychologists conducted research, tryingDetermine which people are attractive, and whether this relates to physical beauty. As a result, it was found that an attractive person is considered to have not only physical beauty, but also other factors, such as charisma, charisma, sociability and so on. In this regard, psychologists began to recommend not to dwell on their external data.

Other facts from psychology

Interesting facts from human psychology

Many people are convinced that blue and red colorare completely incompatible. Moreover, their connection is terribly annoying if it occurs in clothing or decorations. It turns out that the reason for this is that these colors are very hard to perceive by a person because of the nature of the structure of the eye and the perception of shades and colors. Eyes quickly get tired of them, nervous endings are irritated, and as a result, a person begins to get angry and nervous.

Exculpation of oneself

Interesting facts from psychology are also obtained inThe result of observations of the features of human thinking. Here, for example, in a situation where you were in a hurry somewhere, and your satellite was delayed, what did you do? What did you do? Of course, you scolded him for being irresponsible and uncooled. And if you were late, you found a lot of good reasons: the transportation was slow, traffic jams, detained at work and so on. That is, we always blame people for problems, but not circumstances. But we ourselves, as a rule, find an excuse. These are the features of human psychology. Nevertheless, it is worth fighting with them.

Facts from psychology

Here are some very interesting facts from psychology. Many people do not notice this phenomenon, but it does exist. Very often, each of us unconsciously adjusts our memories, changing their story or characters. Why is this happening? Sometimes as a result of the stress experienced, and sometimes simply because of the constant scrolling in the memory of events in the search for other options for completing the situation.

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