Examples of the manifestation of fear: the use of fear, the harm of fear

Many people seek to get rid of fears thatis due to discomfort, shame, possible development of psychosomatic diseases. But in reality nothing is created in nature without a cause, and if something exists, it matters to the life of each of us. The article gives various examples of the manifestation of fear. The use of fear, harm of fear are integral companions of this feeling, so whether to get rid of it - depends only on the individual perception of events.

Fear of evolution

Fear is not as bad as it can beseem at first sight. It arose in the process of evolution, in order to protect people from the surrounding danger. But gradually the man managed to protect himself from possible natural troubles that threatened him during the primitive system. These could be threats from predators, wind, rain, snow, poisonous plants and other examples of fear.

benefit of fear

The use of fear, the harm of fear - as ifopposite phenomena, but in fact they protect the body from possible negative external factors. Now, the dangers of the primitive world are not threatened by people, but the "watchdog" often helps to maintain health and even material well-being. For example, someone who is afraid to leave the house, leaving the iron on, several times will check whether the cord is taken out of the outlet. This person as a result will save himself from material damage, which can happen because of forgetfulness.

Fear - rescue from danger

Most people avoid in dark timeday strolling along the little-lit alleyways and parks because of fear of being attacked. Many do not like to swim during a storm or swim for buoys. Also the benefit of fear is not to turn the gas stove's knob just like it does without lighting a burner. Walking on high roofs, especially at the edge, too, can not everyone.

examples of manifestation of fear benefit of fear harm of fear

In addition, if a person was frightened by some kind ofevent, he remembers it well and is guided by this information of negative experience in the future. How does the use of fear manifest itself? Examples are that we are afraid to lose the keys to the apartment, a new expensive phone or do not remove from the fire a hot pan, without protecting your hands. And maybe once when a child was chasing a dog. Now this man has grown and always bypasses the owners, walking their big pets without muzzles.

Mobilization of forces and internal experience

If a person falls into a critical situation, thenhis body throws adrenaline into the bloodstream. As a result, the muscles get more oxygen and nutrients, developing considerable power. Forces grow, and thoughts become brighter and lighter. Without fear, it would not be possible to enter into such a state. For the sake of increasing adrenaline in the blood, many people have found themselves extreme sports. They like to completely merge with nature, feel only themselves and obey instincts, experiencing strength in muscles and sobriety of mind.

benefit of fear examples

When there is not enough information in anycritical situation, it is impossible to use logic to solve it. In those cases when the mind encounters an unknown, the top takes fright, and the body obeys instinctive behavior. Often the benefit of fear manifests itself simply in flight, for example, from intruders.

Intuitive perception of the situation, fear of punishment

In a state of fright there is an aggravation of allsensations: there is an intuitive animal foreboding of the slightest hint of a threat from anything. It also happens that a person becomes restless in the absence of obvious danger. This indicates the signals coming from the subthreshold stimuli. Thus, the benefits of fear are manifested, but only here it is important not to overdo it with winding yourself.

examples of fear manifestation

Very many people restrain the inexplicableattacks of biological aggression due to possible punishment. In the modern world, it is not difficult to assign a thing from a supermarket or a small piece of goods from a counter in the bazaar. But the desire to keep your honest name is much slowing down such motives. Crimes, even small ones, are held back not by a high level of awareness, but by fear of responsibility.

Perfection of personality

And the most important for modern manthe meaning of fear is the possibility of improving the personality. Some paratroopers noted that earlier they could have feared heights, but overpowered themselves by making the first jump. In this case, the benefit of fear is the growth of the daredevil's self-esteem, and also in the discovery of new horizons.

benefit and harm of fear

That's just to jump with a parachute, a person shouldbe ready. You can not force a friend to do this, from whose ascent to the 5th floor of the building the soul goes to the heels. In this case, the person, being in the air, will be strongly squeezed and mistaken. But those people who are seriously engaged in extreme sports, are more self-confident. The endorphins produced during exercise help them stay in a good mood, cope with stress and keep the body in excellent physical shape.

The Harm of Fear

Negative sides of fear consist in winding upof what can happen. A person can start for fear of some kind of disease, animals, microorganisms for no apparent reason. These are all examples of the manifestation of fear, the benefit of which is absent in principle, because if there is a fear of absolutely everything, then this indicates the possibility of a mental disorder. But even sad when an acquaintance does not buy a new and beautiful car, which he always dreamed of, only because of thoughts about the possibility of an accident. If an adult is afraid to get up at night to go to the kitchen and drink water, then this is also abnormal.

The problem is that people are afraid of some kind ofdiseases or disasters, but they may never happen. And carriers of this kind of fear expect reduced immunity and even nervous diseases. In addition, such people are capable of ill-considered acts that can harm them or their loved ones.

The benefits and harms of fear are obvious: a healthy person should feel frightened to some extent, and when feelings of fear become too strong, there is some discomfort. But is it really worth it to completely get rid of the "watchdog" who is doing his job?

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