Bravery. What is courage, courage, courage and fear?

What is courage? What is courage and courage? Where do they come from?

Courage and cowardice are completely opposite to each other, but there is a connection between them. Finding out what bravery is, what cowardice is - you will also understand.

When is fear born?

bravery what is

Since his birth, a person experiencesfear. This feeling refers to basic human emotions and is necessary. It warns of danger, that is, it is based on the most powerful instinct - self-preservation. But very often fear starts to control a person and his actions. Therefore, it is necessary throughout the whole life to learn to conquer fear, to be brave, courageous, courageous.

Courage is ...

In this or that situation, many try to showhis courage. What is courage? In fact, it means just acting, not bending in front of your own fears. In order to show courage and courage, we need only an occasion, not a reason. If the will of man is not trained, then most of all his courage manifests itself suddenly. This is the spontaneous acceptance of dangerous events in the present.

Many people experience the pleasure of sensationdanger. In psychology, bravery is associated with the emotional feelings of emotion during the time of danger. But it's important to keep even the courage under control, because insane boldness can be more detrimental than insane fear. Therefore, courage should be "metered", at a reasonable risk.

boldness of courage
In addition, it can take a negative form - daring. Reaching the level of affect (when removed), a person loses criticality of thinking.

How to develop courage?

Motivation plays an important role inby yourself. You determine for yourself how important to you is courage, bravery. In addition, you should give time to physical training. Thanks to this, the will is strengthened and the number of victories over their fears grows.

Like many qualities, you need to educate yourselfbravery. What is the upbringing of courage? What is it manifested in? Psychologists argue that this process is to educate the faith in their own strength and technique. This is quite feasible task for every person.

Courage in the modern world

In the modern world, courage is not one of theimportant character traits. Most often, courage is expected from politicians, firefighters, and military. Everyone now cares only about their safety. Of course, do not rush to the other extreme - always look for a meeting with the danger.

Even the bravest people often experience fear,but they do not allow this feeling to paralyze the body and will. Less fearful people overtake fear more often, which after a while only strengthens them. Do not constantly run away from your fears. This increases the likelihood of similar behavior in the future. In addition, endless complexes that interfere with living and enjoying life freely will develop.

courage and courage
Fear of today and fear a couple of centuries ago very muchvary greatly. For example, in the modern world, one of the most popular causes of fear is probably the need to speak to the public. And also the fear of being ridiculed. Then, literally 100-200 years ago, they were afraid, for example, of innovations. How many people did not use electricity because of fear of him?

All past experience suggests that peoplegradually learned to cope with their fears, overcome them. If this did not happen, then there would be no progress. Yes, there would still be a few people who would set up experiments and make incredible discoveries. But fears would not give further development. Therefore courage and courage are the engines of progress.

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