How not to be afraid to fight? Ways to overcome your fear

Immediately it is worthwhile to understand that fear does not representthere is nothing reprehensible. This is quite normal feeling, which is typical of any person. Therefore, it should not be embarrassed. Most importantly, do not get involved in a fight right away. It is worth trying to avoid it by any means. And do not assume that while you are a coward. First of all, it is worth taking care of your health, and not about someone else's opinion. But if you can not avoid it, you should look for a solution to the question of how not to be afraid to fight.

I'm afraid to fight
First of all, we should adequately assess the wholethe current situation: how many opponents, what are their data. If the forces are unequal, then there will most likely not be fights: they will just try to beat you. In this case, you can try to escape or call for help. It is worth expressing yourself with the inadequate side: you can wave your arms, jump, yell, etc. In this case, the probability that the enemy is embarrassed increases very much. In addition, you can draw people's attention. And this is exactly what you need.

Hardly anyone can not be afraid to fight. But the main point is that fear is only at the very beginning. Over time, self-confidence increases significantly. And it's not just a fight. Basically, people are afraid of what they did too rarely or did not do at all.

Do not be afraid to fight
To solve the question of how not to be afraidfight, it is worth to enroll in some sports section. For example, in the section of Thai boxing or kickboxing. In this case, with the help of sparring, you can increase confidence in your abilities. And the more confidence there is in your abilities, the weaker will be the fear of a fight.

If you can enroll in the sports sectionno, you can buy boxing gloves and seek help from a friend who acts as a sparring partner. And if this does not work, you can always find someone who wants to fight, and increase their confidence with him. In this case, you can agree in advance that the fight will occur in gloves. Later, when the question of how not to be afraid of fighting, will already be almost solved, the need for gloves will disappear.

If the matter has already reached the point of a fight, then it is not worth hurryingand strike first. Let your opponent do it. During the fight, it is worth using all your strengths and remembering the most unpleasant moments that have ever happened to you.

How not to be afraid to fight
They are capable of causing aggression, in which fearwill disappear by itself. Remember: in order to understand the question of how not to be afraid of fighting, you should forget about the existence of not only the fear itself, it and others. You just have to fly into the enemy with all your anger, with all the ardor and aggression.

If you keep repeating yourself "I'm afraidfight ", then you can not hope for a positive outcome. With this phrase it is necessary to leave as soon as possible, as it is capable of reducing confidence in one's own abilities and capabilities. A fight requires complete control and high confidence. Therefore, fight with your complexes, and then nothing can scare you!

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