Let's figure out what psychology is studying

Psychology as an independent science arose relatively recently - in the XIX century. It originated even more than 2 thousand years ago. The term "psychology" was introduced by the German philosopher H. Wolff in 1732.

what does psychology study
It is translated as "psyche" - the soul, "logos"doctrine, word, science. Proceeding from this, it becomes clear what psychology studies - the soul of people and animals. To be more precise, initially scientists were really looking for the soul of a person, but without finding (or rather, failing to prove where it is, to measure it or somehow highlight it), they started studying the psyche, as it turned out to be more possible.

What is psyche

Man does not just exist in the world, but constantlyinteracts with it. And this requires a tool. Psychic is the ability of the brain to analyze and synthesize information that comes from the environment through the senses, and responds appropriately to it. An example of her actions is getting sensations, emotional reaction to the events. That is, it is an instrument of interaction. Temperament, character and ability also depend on the individual characteristics of mental work. This also applies to what psychology is studying.

Branches of psychology

In order to understand the featuresbehavioral reactions of an individual or even a group of people (age, social), there is not enough one industry. Therefore, psychology as a science that studies a person is divided into several areas. For example:

  • general psychology, which generalizes theoretical and experimental studies on the psychology of the personality and the processes it learns;
  • social psychology (the synthesis of sociology and psychology), engaged in social research. Studying masses, crowd, nations, groups, interpersonal relationships, leadership;
  • psychodiagnostics - is associated with the study of methods of recognizing the human psyche, its features.

psychology as a science that studies a person

In addition to the general, there are also applied andspecial industries. So, the age, pedagogical, military, medical, management psychology and many others are singled out. Perhaps, that's why many ask the question: "What does psychology study?"

Practical use

Today, the subject of studying this science arehundreds of different directions. Of course, the basis for all is general psychology. But recently it has not so much independent directions as synthesis or merging with other sciences (medicine, engineering, pedagogy, sociology, etc.). Understanding the question "what the subject of psychology is learning" makes it possible for its wide application. When introducing new methods and technologies (for example, when teaching in school), psychology takes into account the characteristics of the age of children, the correct distribution of loads, so as not to overwork the delicate psyche. Psychologists help to resolve conflicts at enterprises, sometimes promote the introduction of training for better training of personnel. There are family psychologists who are engaged in saving relationships or helping to survive the separation, divorce. Managerial Psychology

what does the subject matter of psychology
is engaged in leadership, studying what personality traits distinguish a person from the crowd.


The main thing that psychology studies is properties,features of temperament, propensity and ability of personality. Thus, it helps a person understand himself. This science also assists in choosing a profession, allows more effective interaction with people. With the knowledge of psychology it is easier to understand others, the motives of their behavior, their desires. And helping other people to achieve the goal, it is difficult not to become a successful person, is not it?

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