Zinoviev Sergey - central striker of the national team

Sergei Zinoviev - hockey player, who is a real legend of the Kemerovo region. He had a long career, in which he won many victories in the clubs, as well as the national team.

Carier start

Zinoviev Sergei was born on March 4, 1980 in thethe city of Prokopyevsk. From an early age, his parents took him to the local hockey section. The hockey school in this city is at a low level. Therefore, Sergei had to live and study in his homeland, and go hockey in Novokuznetsk. Coaches immediately saw him as a talent. Sergei from childhood had an excellent vision of the field and incredible technique. A hostel in the city of Novokuznetsk club granted him only a year later. In 1998, Sergei Zinoviev first came out to play in the main team. During the debut season, this striker came out on the field 31 times and scored six points. About Sergei immediately began talking about a high-level player. In the season 1999-2000 the team "Metallurg", in which Sergey was entrenched, became the bronze prize-winner of the championship of Russia. For the club from Novokuznetsk this result is outstanding. In addition to the gold medal, Sergei was awarded a reward for his services to the Kuzbass.

Zinoviev Sergey

Continuation of career

Zinoviev Sergei left the "Metallurg", visited the"Locomotive", "Salavat Yulaev" and Moscow's "Spartacus." In these teams, he failed to realize all his potential. In 2002, this hockey player moved to the Kazan "Ak Bars". It was in this club that he turned into a star of Russian hockey. In his first season in the Kazan team for 47 games held Zinoviev scored 31 assists. At the end of the season, he decided to try his hand overseas and left the club.

Sergey Zinoviev hockey player

Career beyond the ocean

Over the ocean, Sergei Zinoviev first played fourgames for the club "Providence Bruins" from the AHL. And after this hockey player spent only ten games for the team "Boston Bruins". In them, Sergei did not score a single goal, only made one assists. It was difficult for him to get used to a different style of play. It took time, but he was not given it. In addition, the impending lockout strongly influenced Zinoviev, and he went to play back in Russia.

Where Sergey Zinoviev plays

Return to Kazan

Zinoviev returned to the Kazan "Ak Bars" and afterThe lockout has turned into one of the top central league hitters. Troika Morozov - Zinoviev - Zaripov scored most of the club's goals. On the implementation in the majority, she had the best score in the league. It was thanks to the first three that the Kazan team in 2006 became the champion of Russia. Zinoviev enjoyed great popularity among local fans. But in the 2008-2009 season Zinoviev, having played 10 games, said that he wants to leave the club. This hockey player sent a letter to the leadership of the league. After that, Sergei received the status of a free agent, despite the existing contract. Where does Sergei Zinoviev play? This question interested many Russian fans of the club. "Ak Bars" to the last fought for this talented player, but after leaving he signed a contract with the Moscow "Dynamo". There he performed until the end of the season. In July 2009 it became known that Zinoviev concluded a five-year contact with the Ufa club "Salavat Yulaev." As part of this club, he won the Gagarin Cup in 2011.

hockey player Sergei Zinoviev where he plays

International career

Zinoviev Sergey for many years wasthe main player of the national hockey team. For the first time he went to the national team jersey at the World Youth Championship. In the same year, the debut for the main team took place. At the World Championships in 2008 and 2009 our team won gold medals.

Completion of career

In 2014, Zinoviev joined the squad recentlyformed the team "HC Sochi." He is, of course, an experienced hockey player who has repeatedly won the championship. Nevertheless, the management of the club terminated the contract with this age player before the start of the season. After leaving Sochi, many asked the question: "Hockey player Sergei Zinoviev where he plays?". Sochi club is the last in the successful career of Sergei Zinoviev. In the sports palace of the Novokuznetsk Metallurg was raised a T-shirt with the name of this hockey player. In the summer of 2016, Sergei received the post of general director of the native Metallurg.

Sergei Zinoviev, despite numerousconflicts in clubs and the national team, always enjoyed respect in the sports world. The talent and desire to win in each match helped him to achieve high results.

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