Pool "Moskvich" ("Tekstilshchiki"): description, prices

The Moskvich basin, which is part of thethe composition of the "Sports School of the Olympic reserve" Moskvich "(metro station" Tekstilshchiki "), from September to the month again resumed its work after the summer holidays.

All adults and children, as well as families are invited to the most interesting swimming lessons:

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  • training from scratch;
  • improving swimming;
  • swimming classes in groups;
  • water polo for children;
  • aqua aerobics;
  • diving.

A few words about the history

In 1961, then the sports club "Moskvich" was born in Moscow. And it happened thanks to the General Director of the "Automobile Plant of the Leninist Komsomol" (AZLK).

Pool "Moskvich" as part of a huge sportsThe complex was built on Lublinskaya Street. Then, directions for 20 sports were already working, sports events and competitions were also held.

Within the walls of the complex,a great many pupils, many of whom eventually became famous sportsmen - prize-winners and champions not only of Russia, but also of Europe and the world. This is a colossal result.


pool in the textile muzhkvich

At the present time, the Moskvich pool (on the "Tekstilshchik") is popular among children and youth, as well as the adult population of the capital.

What is it?

The bowl is in a covered spacious room. The length of the pool is 50 meters, the depth is 2.5 meters. The width consists of 8 tracks.

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Also there is a waterfall-Jacuzzi, in which you can spend a few relaxing minutes after an active sports and swimming load.

Children's classes

Movement is life. And swimming is also an active movement, only in an aquatic environment. This is incredibly useful for an adult, but more important for a child, because the children's body is at the development stage. And also the period of childhood is a fertile time, when learning is much faster and easier.

That your child grew physically and spirituallystrong, attentive, mobile, with a healthy and even spine, easily resisted various diseases (especially in the autumn-winter period), send him to sail. In addition to special skills, he is guaranteed to develop such qualities as persistence in achieving the goal (especially important for boys), strength of spirit, warm social relationships with peers like-minded, will become more independent.

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In the children's groups, classes are conducted by experienced trainers. Initially, children are taught to just stay on the water, own their body. Then the children learn how to swim:

  • breaststroke;
  • dolphin;
  • on the back;
  • crayfish;
  • jumping into the water;
  • turns in the water and so on.

After successful mastering of the initial level, the coach selects children showing satisfactory results in basic swimming skills, in sports groups, which are then prepared for competitions.

Children's play classes - waterpolo. It's a team game, very much like football. There are two teams, two goals and a ball, which must be scored in the goal of the opposing team. Children really like it!

Classes for adults

In older people, who at one time did not learn to stay on the water and swim well, the fear of the aquatic environment first arises.

lessons for adult Muscovites

In the pool "Moskvich", thanks to the enormous experience and talent of instructors, all such nuances are easily overcome.

And with satisfactory learning ability for 20-40 regular classes, the adult fully masteres basic skills and several techniques of swimming.

Still for adults, active movements, and somore in water, are also necessary. First of all, in order to strengthen the physical condition of the body, learn to relax, improve the respiratory and cardiovascular systems, tighten the muscles and so on.

For adults, the following directions are carried out:

  • a basic level of;
  • improving swimming;
  • aqua aerobics;
  • diving.

Family Subscription

Also, the pool "Moskvich" on weekends offers to attend classes with the whole family. The age of children is from 8 to 12 years, parents - up to 35 years.

First, it will allow you to actively spend time. And secondly, joint pastime, especially with such a huge benefit, definitely strengthens the relationship between family members.

Children feel more comfortable swimming with their parents, showing them their skills. There is an open communication. And immunity is also strengthened.

Information for visitors

  1. Address of the pool "Moskvich": Moscow, Lublinskaya street, 15. The nearest metro station is "Testylschiki", from it - 200 meters on foot.
  2. The institution operates from 6:45 to 21:00, every day. The session lasts 45 minutes.
  3. The price in the pool "Moskvich" of one lesson is 250 rubles per person. There is an automated sale of subscriptions for a month. Also there is a system of discounts.
  4. A medical certificate is required.
  5. Parking is paid.
  6. Additional services and directions of the sports complex: cosmetic and massage rooms, hairdresser, gym, billiards, solarium, shaping, cafeteria.
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