Steve Cunningham is a talented American boxer

Steven Cunningham is an American boxer. Performs on a professional level in the first heavy and heavy weight classes. He was born in Philadelphia (USA) in 1976. In this article, a brief biography of the athlete will be presented.

Amateur career

From 1994 to 1998, Steve Cunningham served in the US Navy. Just at that time, and began an amateur career. In 1998, he won the National Championship under the title "Golden Gloves".

Steve Cunningham

Go to the professionals. First heavy weight

The debut of the sportsman took place on October 28, 2000. The American boxer hit the first heavyweight. Cunningham's rival was Norman Jones. By decision of the judges, the hero of this article was awarded a victory.

For a very long time Steve Cunningham met with low-ranking boxers. But all this was not in vain. So the athlete prepared himself for serious battles.

The first of them was scheduled for November 25, 2006. Stephen met with Krzysztof Vladarczyk. The fighters fought for the IBF title. The Pole won at Cunningham, but this decision was very controversial. The rematch of the boxers was scheduled for May 26, 2007. According to the majority of judges, the athlete won a confident victory, taking the belt from Vladarczyk.

Then Steve Cunningham fought Mark Hook. The battle took place at the end of 2007 in Germany. All ended with a knockout of the German in the twelfth round. This was Huck's first defeat in his career.

American boxer

Heavy category

In 2012, Steve Cunningham decided to move to a newthe weight. September 8 was the debut fight of the boxer. The American came out against Jason Garver and confidently won. This inspired Cunningham, and he decided to continue performances in the new weight.

But then things did not go as brightly asplanned Stephen. At the end of 2012, as part of the IBF tournament, the athlete met with champion Tomasz Adamek. The first four rounds were dominated by the Pole. But then Cunningham took the initiative in his own hands and began to deal more accurate blows. Nevertheless, Steve did not act first number and periodically tore the distance. After the end of the battle, the American triumphantly threw up his hands, and the Pole went to his corner, bowing his head. Released in the ring, Michael Buffer announced the referee's decision - a draw. But, after a few seconds, one of the arbitrators made corrections in the results. As a result, Cunningham lost to Adamek, and in April 2013 also Tyson Fury. About this fight should be told separately.

tyson fury steve canning

Boxing: Tyson Fury vs Steve Cunningham

All the fans eagerly awaited this meeting. The gong sounded and the men came to the center of the ring. Tyson behaved very boldly. He constantly dropped his hands, showing an open box. Stephen punished him for this in the second round. Fury went down, but was able to quickly recover and continue the fight. The subsequent rounds showed the equality of the opponents' forces. From the side of both boxers it was possible to observe smooth, intense attacks and strikes. In the seventh round, Tyson concurred with Stephen in a clinch and not by rules led his head under his blow. The American went into a heavy knockout. If not for this, then the Tyson Fury-Steve Cunningham fight ended differently. After all, until the seventh round, the hero of this article was a little ahead of all the referee cards.

boxing tyson fury vs steve canningham

New fights

In April 2014, Cunningham met withage athlete Amir Mansur. The latter started the fight in an aggressive manner, but most of his attacks did not reach the goal. In the third round, Stephen was able to adapt to the opponent and took up counterattacks. Both opponents began to appear dissections on the face. In addition, Amir had his left eye stuck.

In the fifth round, Mansour sent Cunningham toknockdown right lateral. Rising, Steve took on a new attack Amir and again found himself on the floor of the ring. Everyone thought that the outcome of the meeting was predetermined, but Cunningham was able to recover. In the sixth round he constantly counterattacked Mansur. At the same time, the latter unsuccessfully cut the air with his fists. Amir's left eye was finally closed. In the tenth round, Stephen's opponent himself was knocked down. Mansour defended to the end, but the judges gave victory to Cunningham.

In March 2015, Stephen met with the Ukrainianathlete Vyacheslav Glazkov. Since the beginning of the battle, the American worked as the first number, showering Lugansk with a hail of blows. In the last three rounds, Glazkov seemed to have caught a second wind and dominated Cunningham. As a result, all the judges awarded victory to Vyacheslav.

The last fight Steve held on April 16, 2016 against Krzysztof Glovatsky. At stake was the WBO champion belt. The referee awarded the victory to the Pole.

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