Roy Nelson: wrestler who conquered the MMA

Want to see an unbeaten fight? The extravaganza of strikes, a lot of blood, the legs of the soldier who are undermining, stubbornly continuing to advance on the enemy? Then pay attention to the real soldier-Octagon from the US named Roy Nelson.

A few facts

The owner of a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu was born on June 20, 1976. Roy Nelson Big nickname, that's easy.becomes clear when a person sees his unconventional appearance for a sportsman: an untidy beard, a beer belly, lack of muscles, which spectators are accustomed to seeing from other athletes. By the way, despite its unpresentable appearance, the titanium of the octagon is very fast moving and quite fast on its feet, which at times introduces into a real stupor rivals, who perceive it somewhat differently, until the first blow of an American, differing simply by a mad power and capable of depriving them human consciousness for a long time.

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His professional path in the MMA Roy Nelson began in the leading international promotion - UFC. The fighter was the winner of the tenth season of the famous show called The Ultimate Fighter. Already in the first fight, the fighter met with the very popular street fighter Kimbo Slice and won against him. In the final of the competition, a native of Las Vegas beat the star of the mixfight Brandon Shaub.

The best fights

The most vivid fights in which Roy Nelson could defeat his opponents, you can call himThe fight with the Dutch Stefan Struve, whom the American knocked out in the first round. Also extravagant and good-natured in ordinary life, Roy defeated Mirko Filippovich and Dave Herman. For the victory over the latter Nelson received a bonus from the organization called "Best Knockout of the Evening."

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If we talk about losing, then the soldier RoyNelson - this is the man who was second only to the most famous athletes of the world. It is also important that the American is characterized as a very resistant puncher, who knows how to perfectly hold the opponent's blow. For all time spent in battles, Nelson only lost twice by knockout. The offenders, who managed to defeat him ahead of schedule, were New Zealander Mark Hunt and Belarusian Andrei Orlovsky. Roy met with the current owner of the title of UFC heavyweight Fabrice Verdome. Their fight ended in victory for the Brazilian on points. I could not cope with the "Big Country" and Alistair Overeem.

In 2009, a favorite of the American public who never surrendered in battle, married Jesse Nelson.

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