What is Mach in sport?

On the question, what is Mach, you can answer -a single movement of the body part relative to the point of rotation, a common element of training used in various sports. Can be performed separately or in a training complex. In other words, the simplest movement that was carried out at school lessons in physical education.

Variety of applications

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This element is used by athletes of manydirections. Mahi are used in rowing, martial arts, gymnastics, all-around, swimming. Particularly attractive is that dynamic movements do not require mandatory use of simulators or sports equipment. With the help of many different variations, it is possible to effectively work out the muscles, create an optimal load during stretching. One of the most accessible, simple, effective exercises is a swing. The value of this sport element was appreciated by many trainers, it is often used as an aerobic load or warm-up. There are several types of this movement, each of which is aimed at different muscle groups.

What is a swing for an athlete - a warm-up optionor one of the main exercises? It all depends on what the ultimate goal is pursued. The swinging to the sides, performed with or without load, with hands or feet, is an isolated element, since only one part of the body is involved. In this case, the possibility of loading on a specific muscle group allows you to effectively draw the relief of the muscles. Isolating exercises are recommended for athletes who can not exercise with full load due to injuries.

Mahi for men

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In bodybuilders, swings with dumbbells are used toqualitative elaboration of deltoid muscles, since other exercises make it difficult to distinguish them. The main purpose of the fly elements is to improve the relief. They have the ability to polish the shape. It is also believed that exercises with weights are the best remedy for muscle imbalance. With the help of only the flies it is difficult to increase the volume of the biceps. They must necessarily be carried out in a complex manner with basic power exercises. The mechanism of the main effect sports science explains by the more extensive filling of the capillary network of the muscular group being developed, there is complete saturation of the tissue with nutrients and hormones. When performing strength exercises in the blood supply, for the most part, large vessels are involved. Consequently, mahi is the basis for building muscle tissue.

Makhi as an element of training for girls

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If you ask the question, what is a swing, a girl,she will answer with confidence - this is the best aerobic exercise for losing weight and working on the gluteal muscles. Training with the use of a variety of swings does not require a mandatory trip to the gym, it can be done comfortably at home.

In order to remove excess fatty layer,you should increase your cardio load. Training with mahas will help here. Guaranteed result will ensure the right technique. It is necessary to move rhythmically, above the average tempo, without burdening. For mass gain, a different approach is used. The best effect for the development of muscles is achieved through a large number of repetitions. Only when properly performed does the working muscle reach a certain level of blood filling. A competent approach and regular classes will help to achieve harmony, make the figure fit and attractive.

the meaning of the word Mach in sport

The meaning of the word "max"

And yet, what is Mach in sport and what is it for?Need? This element of training is incredibly functional - it is aimed at the development of muscles, participates in the acceleration of metabolic processes, improves coordination and stretching, stabilizes the joints and the muscular system, thereby reducing trauma. Maches are practical, do not require additional costs for the purchase of equipment. The meaning of the word "Mach" in sports has a clear definition - it is an isolation movement aimed at the work of a certain group of muscles.

It should not be forgotten, mahi are insulatingexercises, and therefore they must be carried out together with basic exercises. It is best to supplement them with the basic training, because they are aimed at developing a separate muscle group.

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