Signal pistol Makarov MR-371: description, tuning, automatics

The Makarov MR-371 signal pistol is designed forbased on a well-known combat analog. Outwardly, it practically does not differ from the present sample, however it is intended for shooting with special noise cartridges.

Makarov's signal pistol mr 371


The considered copy is issued by Izhevskarmourers. Virtually all parts, as well as the assembly process is identical to the combat unit. Signal pistol Makarov MR-371 is not intended for combat shooting. It is used to give a signal in the form of a noise effect. The case is made of gun steel, which in theory makes it possible to re-equip the model into a combat copy. It is worth noting that such actions are prohibited by law. As ammunition, special cartridges are used, which are metal or plastic cylindrical cartridges.


Each copy of Makarov's signal pistol MR-371 is completed with a passport and a certificate. Below are the technical parameters of the weapon:

  • The caliber is 5.6 mm.
  • The length is full / width / height - 163/31/127 mm.
  • The capacity of the holder is 8 charges.
  • The type of cartridges is blank ammunition with a "Zhevello" capsule.
  • Weight - 0,7 kg.
  • Frame type - movable shutter.
  • Descent - adjustable type.
  • The platoon is double.
  • The material of manufacture is weapon steel and strong plastic.
  • The mode of fire is semi-automatic.

tuning of signal pistol mr 371

How does automation work on the signaling Makarov MR-371 with automation?

The gun in question isdifferent from the combat option principle, despite their maximum similarity. Shooting from this barrel is done by automatic self-cocking. After the volley, it is necessary to cock the trigger again, removing the spent cartridge with a shutter. After the next platoon, a new ammunition is sent. In this mode, each shot is followed by pressing the trigger.

While conducting fire on Makarov's signal pistolMR-371 movement of the shutter is noticeable, which brings the dummy closer to the combat analogue even more. Shots are produced by cartridges simulating a real shot with the help of flammable primers.


Used cartridges have an external similarity withreal charges. They are equipped with a container, the inner part of which serves for the installation of primers of a flammable type. Among these elements, the most popular brands are KV-21 and Zhevelo-N.

Simulators are made of brass and plastic. The first option is better suited for a one-time trigger of a sound signal, brass samples are aimed at reusable shooting. The working temperature of these munitions is from -10 to +50 degrees Celsius.

how does automation work on the signal makrove mr 371 with auttomatics

Tuning of signal pistol MP-371

This weapon can be modified and remade. For example, the handle with plastic inserts is changed to the original analog used in the combat pistol. The fixing screw can also be taken from the original or carved by yourself. On the muzzle of the trunk, the red paint is erased, thereby giving the weapon a more serious exterior and maximum similarity with the army pattern. If desired, the muzzle can be changed dramatically under the combat option. To do this, you need to insert the real bushing into the standard model, observing its length no more than 15 mm.

Advantages and disadvantages

The Makarov MR-371 signal pistol has its advantages and disadvantages. First consider the negative side:

  • After a long operation, there is a backlash in the vicinity of the shutter frame due to the wear of the spring mechanism.
  • The accumulation of soot and soot in the barrel and on the cartridges provokes jamming of the weapon. To avoid this, it is necessary to clean the weapon after each use.

Among the advantages users noted the following aspects:

  • No authorization is required for storage.
  • The weapon is convenient, easy to maintain and store.
  • The automation of the Makarov MR-371 signal pistol differs in a long working life.


The gun in question can effectivelyto fulfill the function of a weapon of self-defense. In addition to the appearance simulating combat PM, noise cartridges of cartridges create a very real effect of a real shot. In addition, the MR-371 can be used to teach newcomers shooting, disassembly and assembly of weapons, to notify their whereabouts in distant campaigns.

Signal pistol Makarov 371 Automatics

The main differences from the combat analogue

Signal Makarov differs from the presentthe absence of a bolt "beard". Instead, there is a small cut, serving to exclude the possibility of installing self-made illegal improvements. In this condition, the alteration will lead to a rupture of the barrel and a possible injury to the shooter.

Another significant difference is the trunkspistols. In the signal model, a blank with a longitudinal milling groove is provided instead. It has a blind pin, which weakens the fixation of the trunk, which further complicates the conversion of the model to a combat unit. The cartridge is inserted into the chrome chamber, and the yield of the powder gases is carried out through a special hole of 20 mm. In addition, the copy is equipped with a limiter, which does not allow charging ammunition by ammunition.

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