Signal Pistol MR-371 - Overview

The signal pistol MP-371 is a fairly successful simulation of the standard Makarov pistol. However, such weapons are more like real, combat, than a normal model.

If desired, the gun can be turned into an excellent collection pattern. To do this, it is sufficient to supplement it with a muzzle simulator, and also use a handle from an authentic firearm model.


alarm signal gun 371
Combat Pistol PM developed by the legendaryTula designer Makarov in 1949. At the same time, the first successful tests of weapons were made. It took several years to finalize, so that the gun was put into mass production.

In the middle of the last century, the model was considered the besta model of domestic firearms. The gun became famous all over the world primarily due to the simplicity of design and maintenance, high level of reliability, the possibility of effective use in harsh conditions, and a long service life.

Today, the Izhevsk Mechanical Plant produces a signal pistol MR-371, which acts as a spectacular copy of a well-known combat model. And such weapons are available to anyone who wants to.

Signal pistol MR-371 rework hasone obvious advantage, namely - an extreme similarity with a real gun model. This feature makes it possible to perform training for users on the handling of weapons, to assemble and disassemble mechanisms in the safest possible way.


Signal signal pistol 371 Makarov
Signal pistol MP-371 Makarov has the following characteristics:

  • capacity of the store - 8 cartridges;
  • weight - 700 g;
  • dimensions - 163/31/127 mm;
  • ammunition - blank cartridges with a capsule "Zhevello";
  • equipment - technical documentation, a set of cartridges in the amount of 30 pcs., shop.


Signal pistol, MR 371 rework
The MP-371 signaling gun is designed forreproducing noise effects. Domestic users successfully use such weapons as a means of self-defense. Despite the lack of the ability to perform a real combat shot, one appearance of the pistol can have a psychological effect on the attacker.

As ammunition, brass andplastic simulators of real cartridges. The latter are equipped with flammable "Zhevello" capsules, thanks to which the sound effect is created during the shot.

Like the gun itself, shells are created externallyimpression of the fighting. This ammunition is designed for single use. Therefore, the MP-371 signaling gun needs to be recharged after each trigger is pressed.


Signal gun 371 automatic
The signal model is made of a special high-strength weapon steel. The use of the material served as a guarantee of the reliability and continued operation of such a signaling weapon.

The gun is convenient in operation, maintenance. In the event of breakdowns, there is an opportunity to quickly find the necessary components, which will restore the working capacity of the model.

The MP-371 gun does not need to be receivedspecial permission to wear from law enforcement. Therefore, every user, without exception, can use it as an effective means for self-defense.


What are the drawbacks of a pistolsignal MR-371 compared to the original combat pattern? First of all, it should be noted that there is a slight backlash of the shutter frame, which is the result of excessive cropping of the return spring.

What else can you say about the signal pistolMR-371? The automation here looks attractive only on the store counter. In fact, during operation, users often have to deal with regular wedging mechanics, the need to clean weapons from soot and carbon deposits, which is formed on cartridges of cartridges and in the barrel of the product. Therefore, after each next use the MP-371 Makarov signal gun needs to be cleaned.

As can be seen, the disadvantages of the presented model are not so many. However, all of them to some extent spoil the impression of the exploitation of such weapons.

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