Lucky John balancer: reviews

Going to fishing, you need to carefully prepare the gear. The lures are selected in accordance with the conditions of the reservoir. One of the best options that experienced fishermen recommend is balancers Lucky John. A wide selection of baits will allow everyone to choose the best option.

On sale are products of both bright andcontrast tones. Some prefer natural colors of balancers. According to the reports of experienced fishermen, these gears are quite popular. Good quality and reasonable price make them popular among domestic fishermen.

general characteristics

Lucky John balancer produces the famous Polish brand Salmo. This is a quality tackle. Their feature is the technology of creation. All balancers are made exclusively with the use of manual labor.

Lucky John balancer

Before you fall into the hands of the buyer, thisThe tackle is checked using specially developed tests. Balancers are designed for fishing for pike, perch or pikeperch. Manage with them will be comfortable both experienced fishermen and beginners.

The manufacturer has developed a wide range of modelspresented a variety of gear. This allows you to pick up bait for any depth, such as a pond or predatory fish. The manufacturer provides a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors of bait. The advantage of the presented gear is a relatively low price. The quality of the presented products is simply amazing.

Features of bait

Lucky John Bouncer-balancer famous for its naturalness and absolutesimilarity with the fry. The manufacturer is developing new technologies. The presented balancers accurately copy the movements of the escaping fry. Some models very effectively repeat the movements of a sick fish. Namely such extraction on the nature even the full, careful fish. She is ready to swim here from a long distance.

Balancer Lucky John Fin 5

Going fishing in the winter, you can coverrepresented by a large water area under the ice. The bait is pretty good. The sharp, sturdy hooks of Kamasan TM significantly reduce the likelihood of fish going. This is a really good product that will bring a rich catch to its owner.

There are several popular models of bait. To make the right choice, you should consider each of them.

Classic Series

Popular balancer Lucky John Classic It is intended for catching different kinds of predatory fish. This series includes both narrow-profile bait for catching perch, and universal gear.

There are many varieties of varietiesbalancers of the Classic series. The smallest of them weighs only 5 g and can fall to a depth of 3 meters. Heavier types of baits are suitable for fishing at great depths. With their help, you can safely catch an average or large predator.

Lucky John balancer

A large selection of colors allows you to choosebalancer to your taste. For light varieties, it is better to use monoscale. The plait will suit the heavy models of this series. These types of tackle are used on rivers with a rapid current. The cost of the balances of the presented series varies from 100 to 300 rubles.

Balance Series Fin

One of the most successful series of fishermen named models with the name Fin. It includes several different in size balancers. These tackles are suitable for fishing from the water of pike perch, borsch, pike, etc.

One of the most popular in the presented series is named balancer Lucky John Fin "5". This rig is successfully used even when fishing at a depth of 13 m. However, this is true in the case when there is no strong current on the river.

Balancer Lucky John Classic

To extract large perch from the water, it is necessarychoose a line of 0,18-0,25. Going to hunt for pike, pike perch, it is better to give preference to a thread of 0.3 mm. Also for the presented model it is allowed to use a braid. Its thickness should not exceed 0.11-0.15 mm. The cost of the bait presented is in the range of 500-600 rubles.

Mebaru series

balancers Lucky John Mebaru differ from other products of thismanufacturer. The development of this series involved Japanese specialists. Therefore, its quality is in fact at a high level. Experienced fishermen claim that by catching it there are no equal.

Balancer Lucky John Mebaru

The bait has a set of tees. They are made of durable metal. This allows you to fish even trophy fish specimens. The bait is used for trolling and for extreme winter fishing conditions.

The balance tail has undergone several changes. This gave him a smooth movement. At the same time he began to resemble real fish much more. This greatly increases the catchability of the bait. The cost of this series of balancers is about 600-700 rubles.

Baltic Series

Lucky John balancer The Baltic series has proven itself in the conditions of rivers with a rapid current, and when catching in the winter. These are heavy devices that are versatile and of good quality.

The catchability of the Baltic series was repeatedly notedexperienced fishermen. For catching in winter, tail feathers are made of special frost-resistant material. This greatly extends the service life.

The presented series shows high rates of catchability. And this is typical for fast rivers, and for water with a weak current.

Negative feedback

Lucky John balancer, reviews which are presented in various sources, are distinguished by many positive reviews. Of the negative comments should be noted criticism of the tail of baits.

Balancer Lucky John reviews

Some users argue that glue,Used for mounting the tail to the body of the rocker, is characterized by poor quality. There are reviews about the low catchability of tackle. However, these are isolated cases. Due to their small number, it can be assumed that the failure in fishing was not due to the balance beam.

Some fishermen also leave negativereviews about the hooks that come with the presented products. In their opinion, the tees are not strong enough, and the tips themselves are not sharp. This can contribute to the withdrawal of fish from the hook and a bad mood on fishing. It should be noted that there are more positive reviews of the products presented.

Positive reviews

Presented balancers Lucky John are marked in the majority of positive responses. They are distinguished by high catchability, do not cling to wiring. Many fishermen noted the good quality of the products, as well as their game while driving. Tackle is very similar to real fish. This explains the good level of catchability. There is an opportunity, depending on the model, to apply both a conventional fishing line and a braid. This greatly expands the field of activity for the fisherman. Arriving at the pond, you can get a really trophy copy.

A large selection of gear allows you to pick up the bestoption for existing reservoir conditions. Before buying, many users are advised to check the attachment of the tail to the body of the bait. Usually problems with this do not arise. But for safety it's better to check the build quality right in the store.

Having considered this type of tackle, like balancers from the company Lucky John, we can conclude that this is a qualitative,reliable product. It is used in different conditions for catching experienced fishermen and beginners. Optimal price-quality ratio explains the great popularity of balancers from a well-known brand Lucky John. With their participation, a day off at the pond will be unforgettable, rich in bright positive emotions.

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