Belarusian athlete Vadim Devyatovsky: biography, sports and political career, personal life

Vadim Devyatovsky, whose biographypresented in this article, is a world-famous Belarusian athlete, world champion and prize-winner of the Olympic Games. After completing his sports career, he found himself in politics and social activities.

Biography and sports career

Vadim Devyatovsky was born in 1977 in thecity ​​of Novopolotsk, which is located in the Vitebsk region of Belarus. From an early age he was interested in track and field athletics, and especially hammer throwing. This is the sport that the future sportsman chose for himself.

The first competitions for Vadim were the city and district championships. Already at these stages, Devyatovsky showed his enormous sporting potential.

A few years later, a young hammer throwerbecomes the most promising athlete of Belarus. Especially memorable was for him in 2005. First, Vadim Devyatovsky took part in the Universiade, where he created a sensation by winning a gold medal.

In the same year, the Belarusian athlete made his debut at the World Championships. Again, there were pleasant surprises. Flicking a shell at a victorious distance, Devyatovsky became a gold medalist.

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In 2006, Vadim managed to rise again on the podium of international competitions - he took second place at the European Championships.

But the best indicators are Devyatovskydemonstrated at two Olympics. In Athens, he did not reach the medal a bit, satisfied with the fourth place. And four years later in Beijing, Vadim Devyatovsky became the silver medalist of the Olympics.

Unfortunately, the sports career of the Belarusianathlete did not do without scandals. After the Beijing Olympics, his doping test showed a positive result. Devyatovsky was in danger of losing a silver medal and lifetime disqualification.

But, fortunately, everything turned out. In 2010, the IOC admitted that the doping tests were taken with violations of the rules, Vadim was returned his award and dropped all charges.

Political and social activities

Starting from 2012, Vadim Devyatovskyrepresents his native Novopolotsk as a deputy of the People's Assembly of Belarus, is also deputy chairman of the House of Representatives committee, which deals with health, physical culture and family and youth policy.

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Devyatovsky is a permanent member of the Belarusian Unionlawyers. Also Vadim Anatolyevich is on the commission, which evaluates the work at the competition of scientific works on sports law. In 2014, Devyatovsky was elected head of the Belarusian Athletics Federation.

In addition to the title of Honored Master of Sports of Belarus, the athlete was awarded the medal "For Labor Merit". In the list of honorable residents of Novopolotsk recently appeared a new record - Vadim Devyatovsky.

Personal life

With his wife Olga the athlete met inearly 2000's, but the wedding was postponed all the time because of constant training and competition. Officially, the couple legalized their relationship in September 2010.

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It was the wife who helped Devyatovsky not lose faith in himself and in justice, when he was accused of using illegal drugs. Now they live in Novopolotsk and raise a son.

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