Kuntsevo swimming pool: description, reviews

SK "Kuntsevo" is a modern sportscomplex, despite the fact that it takes visitors for half a century. Located at Mozhayskoye Highway, 7. It has good access roads and a parking lot.

There is a swimming pool, a football field, a large hall, a small hall, a solarium on the territory of the sports complex "Kuntsevo".

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Description of the pool

Not so long ago it was reconstructed and currently offers a minimum set of services.

The length of the pool is 25 meters, width - three paths. Chlorinated water.

The Kuntsevo pool runs every day from seven in the morning until ten in the evening.

There is a possibility of one-off visits, costwhich 450 rubles to 13 hours and 600 rubles after 13. You can purchase a monthly subscription with a different number of classes: 4, 6, 8 and 12 per month. The cost of four visits is 1500 rubles, the twelve - 3500.

To visit the pool you need a medical certificate from a dermatologist and therapist. Without it, you can not book a voyage, just as you can get a certificate from the sports complex itself.

Here you can teach children swimming (from five years old), attend classes on aqua aerobics and a section of health-improving swimming. In addition, you can use a service such as a horizontal solarium.

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You can get to the Kuntsevo pool by metro. To get to the stop "Kuntsevskaya", then change to any of the buses: №190, №210, №45, follow to the stop "Bagritsky Street".

Advantages and disadvantages

The pool "Kuntsevo" has both advantages and disadvantages.

The main advantages:

  • Not so long ago, a modern repair was carried out.
  • Strictly follow the water temperature and cleanliness.

From the minuses can be called:

  • Closing the pool during summer time.
  • A small building and a fairly small bowl of the pool.


Visitors who left positive reviews in themostly talk about the cleanliness and pleasant atmosphere after the repair, the convenience of one-time visits. There are those who go to this pool for many years, everyone is happy and they do not intend to change anything.

Discontent is caused by the lack of information aboutThe fact that in the summer the pool does not work, so only regular customers know about it, the rest in an attempt to get through phone only hear the beeps. There are complaints about insufficiently polite administrators at the reception desk.

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