Hula-Hoop: how many calories are burned when the hoop is twisted

Hoop, or as it is now called, hula-hoop,has a positive effect on the waist and abdomen. Among the slimming, this shell has gained a well-deserved popularity, but in order to avoid many troubles, it is necessary to follow the technology of twisting the hoop.

If you have not purchased this sport, then do not rush and choose the hardest and, so to speak, "heaped up."

how many calories are burned while twisting the hoop

Let's briefly consider how to choose a hoop.

There are ordinary hula-hoops, without anyweighting and additional elements. From the medical point of view, this is the best option, since the probability of getting bruises is negligible. But efficiency is also not so great.

Weighted hoops can be elastic orplastic. The presence of spines has a massage effect. But never twist such a hoop on the naked body, even if you have enough trained muscles. In this case, you risk decorating the sides with large bruises. Always wear a T-shirt and, preferably, any belt for weight loss (softens the blows) or a thick sweater.

Finding out how many calories are burned while twisting the hoop, we will explain the positive aspects of this lesson:

how many it is necessary to twist the hoop

- training cardiovascular and respiratorysystem. If it's hard for you even to climb stairs, then an untrained body is undesirable immediately to start serious training. An excellent way out of the situation will be a hoop;

- active energy consumption and fat burning. Just like any aerobic load, torsion of the hoop has a positive effect on weight loss;

- Training of the vestibular apparatus. Of course, to the level of astronauts will still be far away, but you will notice significant changes.

But how many calories are burned while twisting the hoop?As the calculations show, for 100 minutes of training you lose 1000 calories. At the same time, we do not recommend setting records and doing so all the time. It starts all with a few minutes in each direction, gradually increasing the load.

So, how many calories are burned while twisting the hoop? Consider this a little more.

Accurate data, which determine the energy expenditure during classes, are not defined. Everything depends on the intensity and your initial weight.

If you believe the scientists, then doing up to 10 minutes inday, 2-3 weeks later you will reduce the waist and hips by 1 cm. In addition, you will lose in other parts of the body, because weight loss always occurs in a complex manner.

As mentioned above, 1000 calories are burned in 100 minutes. This means that by increasing the load to 60 minutes (for 30 minutes in each direction), for a month you can remove 3-6 cm from the waist.

how many to twist the hoop

If you decide how much to twist the hoop, thenstart with a few minutes. After a few days you will get used to the load, after which you can complicate the lessons. It is desirable to increase the load at this rate: daily +1 minute to each side.

Deciding how much to twist the hoop, in no wayDo not overdo it. Taking too much load (or an excessively heavy hula-hoop), you will inevitably get bruises on your sides. Believe me, for effective weight loss is quite enough easy or massage hula hoop weighing up to 1 kg. The load will be the same as with a heavy hoop, but the pressure on the internal organs and spine is significantly less.

So, before you look, how many caloriesBurned with torsion of the hoop, determine the contraindications. So, if you have diseases of the spine or internal organs (in particular, the kidneys), then classes with hula-hoop are prohibited.

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