Makhov Bilyal - the strongest heavyweight champion of the planet

Makhov Bilyal is a famous Kabardian fighter,serving in the Greco-Roman and Freestyle. He is a three-time world champion, and also a champion of Russia and Europe. In the youth did not go to the World Cup, because he had to make a hajj to Mecca. Was poisoned on the eve of the Olympic Games in Beijing. After that, few believed in his return to the ring. But the sportsman showed will and came back to please and surprise his fans. In this article you will be presented with a brief biography of Bilyal Makhov. So, let's get started.

A chidhood dream

Many people call Bilala Makhova a unique person. This whole soldier prays the whole of Dagestan and all of Kabardino-Balkaria. After all, the struggle in the North Caucasus is top priority. The dream of any boy is to become a famous fighter. By the way, freestyle wrestling is much more popular there than Greco-Roman wrestling. Therefore, between athletes there is a fierce competition. And of course, the high unemployment rate plays a role. Something achieved in life can only be through sports. And every child understands this very clearly. Therefore, training in the clubs go from six in the morning until nine in the evening. And the halls are not empty for a single minute. There is so hot work that sweat is just a fog. A hero of our article came out of this hall.

First success

The first serious results Bilyal Makhov(nationality - Kabardian) achieved in 2005. He won the Russian championship in Greco-Roman and freestyle styles. Also, the athlete won the world championship and got bronze in the "classics" at similar competitions. This happened after Hajj Bilal in Mecca. For the sake of this event, he refused to participate in the youth world championships and never regretted. The wrestler believes that this helped him to reach a new spiritual level.

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Poisoned Olympics

Success followed Makhov on his heels. In 2007, at the World Championships he put on the shoulder blades of the famous wrestler Kuramagomedov. That year, Bilal was the opening for the Russian Olympic Committee and the main applicant for a trip to Beijing. Most likely, Makhov would have won at the Olympics, but fate decreed otherwise. In early 2008, at the tournament named after Yarygin, Bilyal was poisoned with mercury. At that time, the athlete was at the training camp at the Olympics Training Center. A week before the start of the tournament, Makhov was diagnosed with acute food poisoning. But the doctors did not attach special importance to this.

The wrestler went to Krasnoyarsk to the Yarygin Memorial. There Makhov Bilyal won bronze. In the hotel room, he suddenly felt sick. The athlete had a wild nausea, his head was spinning. Bilal urgently hospitalized and washed the stomach. For two days he lay under a dropper. Soon the European Championship started, and Makhov had a strong weakness. On the poisoning of mercury was learned only upon arrival in Moscow. Its content in the blood exceeded the norm by 35 times.

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Rehabilitation and litigation

Arsen Kanokov (President of Kabardino-Balkaria)immediately invited Mahov to undergo rehabilitation in an Austrian clinic. At one time, Viktor Yushchenko was treated there. But the wrestler had a chance to be sent to Beijing, so Makhov Bilyal did not go to the hospital. From this moment the athlete began a dark strip: he injured his knee, elbow and lost the championship of the Russian Federation. After that, Bilal passed a long course to cleanse the body. Makhov did not ask who was to blame. The beginning of the investigation would put not only the members of the national team under attack (Bilyal ate with them from a common cauldron), but also friends of the sportsman, as well as the residents of Dagestan.

By the way, in addition to Makhov, for a trip to Beijingclaimed two more Dagestan athletes. Thanks to the sponsorship of Suleiman Kerimov, the prize for the victory ranged from $ 500,000 to $ 1 million. So in case of victory Bilal could become the most wealthy sportsman in Russia. But the athlete watched Olympics only on TV in the Austrian clinic. Makhov was treated for a year. During this time, he repeatedly thought about quitting the sport. But the support of coaches and colleagues helped him make the right decision and stay. The question of who poisoned the athlete, apparently forever will remain unanswered.

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Return and Victory

In 2009, Makhov Bilyal returned to the sport andwon the Russian Championship. Then there was one European championship, three national, and also three championships, where the wrestler won silver and two gold. After Bilal poisoning, it was very difficult to restore the old form. But he decided to start preparations for the 2012 Olympics. As a result, the athlete took only third place.

During the break (from 2009 to 2011) there were a number of victories in theworld championships. In 2010, the weight of Makhov reached 137 kilograms. Race 17 kilograms before the tournament was hard for the wrestler. Therefore, Bilal decided to change the diet. In this he was helped by Makhty Makkaev, who trains weightlifters.

he beat the Mach


Bilyal Makhov, whose height is 196 centimeters,still sits on this diet. For breakfast, the athlete eats oatmeal, fruit, a light sandwich, salad, cottage cheese, eggs (4 eggs), thus obtaining 2,000 calories. In the afternoon, this figure will double. Evening calories are 2500-3000. At the beginning of the diet the wrestler felt a terrible hunger and, to somehow drown him, he drank a little yogurt for the night. Although earlier Bilyal "absorbed" an immense amount of sweets. Could easily eat a whole cake for watching a movie. Thanks to the diet, his weight stabilized around 119-120 kilograms. The wrestler has become sturdier and faster.



Now Bilyal Makhov, whose wife supportsall beginnings of the athlete, bears the title "the strongest heavyweight of the planet". He still wants to win gold at the Olympics. Makhov was confident that he would receive the highest award in London in 2012. In the interview, the wrestler stated directly that he was traveling solely for "gold." But he did not succeed. Now the main goal of the athlete is to win a gold medal in 2016 at the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

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