Full face mask for snorkelling: characteristics, features, review of some models

Snorkeling is a kind of swimming, in whicha person can, without much effort and heavy equipment, observe the underwater space, exploring secrets and admiring its beauties. This requires a minimum of equipment: a breathing tube, fins and a mask. With them, a new, unexplored and attractive world opens up to the diver. Especially for fans of this kind of entertainment, a full-face snorkel mask is created that provides comfort and safety.

Snorkelling equipment

full face mask for snorkeling
This type of navigation provides forhuman special equipment. Normal glasses here do not fit, because the diver should breathe freely with his nose and mouth. Therefore, a full face mask for snorkeling is used. It has special valves that draw air out. Thanks to this, there is no fogging of the glass. Consequently, it is possible to survey the space under water without problems. Some manufacturers offer models that do not have valves. With them, there is virtually no risk of leakage, but they can not be called convenient.

Full-face masks are made of materials,differing in their softness, so that there are no traces left on the face. However, they have sufficient strength. Professional swimmers and photographers choose options from black silicone that save them from sun glare. Beginners often buy a full face mask for snorkeling from transparent silicone.

Features of snorkeling equipment

full face mask for snorkeling aria
Devices for this type of navigation allow divers to stay under water for a long time, admiring the floating fish and surrounding objects. Pipes include a number of components:

  1. Lower and upper valves.
  2. Corrugated elements.
  3. Rubber ring.
  4. Clip from plastic.
  5. Silicone mouthpieces.
  6. Actually the case itself.

Usually a full face mask for snorkeling isexpensive and complex equipment. However, some manufacturers have been able to significantly reduce the cost of their products thanks to the latest developments. Such devices are indispensable during special dives, when it is necessary to descend into cold water or to use intercom devices. The best masks include the models of the following brands: Ocean Reef, Tribord, Scubapro, Oceanic, Hollis, Aqualung and some others.

Equipment from Aria

full face mask for snorkeling tribord
Full face mask for snorkeling Aria has won the approval of many diving enthusiasts. It has many positive characteristics:

  • no fogging;
  • the ability to breathe freely;
  • wide overview;
  • absence of a mouthpiece;
  • variety of colors;
  • the presence of several sizes;
  • the possibility of installing an underwater camera.

The novelty appeared in 2016, but many already appreciated it. The average price of the device is 6800 rubles, which is quite justified by its tangible advantages.

Equipment from Tribord

full face mask for snorkeling tribord easybreath
The full face mask for snorkeling Tribord is notfans can be used for freediving, since it will have too high pressure. Models are available in two sizes - adult men, as well as adolescents and women. For 90 percent of users, they fit perfectly. The other dimensions of the devices were removed from production, which allowed to reduce their price.

This mask has its advantages:

  1. Development in accordance with the peculiarities of the physique of buyers.
  2. The presence of a lower valve to remove water.
  3. Good tightness.
  4. Easy to put on and remove.
  5. Wide viewing angle.
  6. No fogging.
  7. Easy breath.

Full face mask for snorkeling TribordEasybreath - for swimming at a depth not exceeding 1 meter. It does not feel pressure, so contemplate the bottom of the sea can be a long time and with comfort. In this case, it is easy to see a person from a boat or boat, thanks to a bright tip located over the head, so that unpleasant cases are excluded. This nuance is especially relevant among beginners. It is worth noting and the fact that Easybreath allows people with poor eyesight to wear glasses under the device, so there is no need to select special glasses.

Masks for snorkeling are mostly comfortable andare safe. Devices do not make it difficult for a diver to stay in the water. He can see the surrounding objects without any distortion. The equipment creates an air layer in front of the eyes, so that all the images become clear. In addition, the swimmer can breathe completely freely.

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