Rugby sport game: what is and what are the rules

Probably many have heard about rugby more than once. What is this game, what is the essence of the match and how many people play it - fans and fans know about it. This is a kind of sports game in which two teams compete against each other. It originated in England in the 19th century.

The main task of teams

Rugby - what is and why this game has so manyfans around the world? This is a team competition with an oval ball, where the competition itself is held in a specially designated area, which has a gate in the form of the letter "H".

The main task of each of the 30 players (15 in eacheach team) - conducting competent techniques to defeat the opponent's goal or throwing the ball into his goal area. Transferring the ball to each other with the help of hands in the direction of only back or legs - in any chosen direction - is rugby. What is winning in a match? Landing the ball in the goal or in the scoring zone gives the right to receive points. The victory is gained by the one who gained the greatest number of them by the end of the game.

Rugby what is

It's pretty easy to understand what rugby is (photofrom above), after watching a few games. According to the rules, it is permissible to struggle with the use of force skills, so athletes should be well prepared physically, mobile and strong. In addition, the preparation of moral is important, since determination and will are two important components of success in this sport game.

Varieties and related sports

About rugby (what is this game, what are its goals andtactics) are known by fans of these competitions in many countries of the world. Especially it concerns Europe, South America, and also Africa. The following sports are closest to rugby:

  • Australian football;
  • rugby-13;
  • American football.

What is rugby photo

For rugby players one of the most important in the gameconcepts is respect for both fans and representatives of the match, and to rivals. Even in spite of the fact that harsh methods are used, the game is considered one of the most peace-loving. In addition to the classical version of the game, rugby-7 (14 people in two teams) and beach rugby in the sand (5 participants in each team) are widespread.

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