Football Corner - this is what?

Football terminology is quite complicatedfor the simple reason that there are a lot of different concepts that you definitely should know about. Some of them are known to everyone, even those who are not particularly keen on football. However, some are still used much less often, so they may seem unfamiliar. For example, the corner. This is a term that you can occasionally hear from commentators or football fans, but it is not generally accepted. So what does it mean? Corner - what is this?


Corner is

It turns out that the corner is another nameangular blow. It comes from the English word corner, which translates as "angle." What is the importance of the corner in football? This is one way to resume the game when the ball goes beyond the field. A corner kick is awarded if the ball crossed the front, rather than the side line. Also a prerequisite is the touching of the ball by the defending team player, including the goalkeeper. If the player touches the last of the attacking team, a free kick from the goal is assigned, if the defender is the corner. This is as for the definition of this concept, but how exactly is a corner kick implemented?

Corner implementation

Corner in football

Corner in football is executed from the corner of the field - ineach of the four of them has a special line forming a small zone. It is in it and must be installed the ball for the execution of the blow, and the side with which it is performed is determined by which side the ball went behind the front line. That is, the player can not choose the corners feed angle independently. The pitch can be carried out both in the penalty area, and for a short distance - this is called "play the corner". This move is possible due to the fact that, in accordance with the rules, the players of the defending team can not be closer than nine meters from the corner zone during the feeding of the corners. As soon as the referring player touches the ball, defense players can start moving towards the corner zone. The player who submits the ball does not have the right to touch it repeatedly until another player from either of the two teams touches him.

Now you know what the root is: the definition of this term, the particularities of the execution of an angular blow, when exactly it is assigned, and all the restrictions that apply to it.


corner definition

A corner kick is never executed at random -teams always prepare a certain tactic to use this standard position as efficiently as possible. The defending team most often distributes the most dangerous players to the attack between the defenders, best playing on the second floor, and also sets two players on both bars so that the serving player can not spin the ball directly into the goal. As for the attacking side, almost all the players are in the penalty area or on the approaches to it - the ball from the corners can be played shortly, fed to the near or far post and so on. Outside the penalty area, there will always be defenders who insure their team in case of an unsuccessful draw and loss of the ball, so that the opponent can not run freely in a counterattack.

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