Zyzz: biography of a young bodybuilder

In 2011, a man died in Thailand whose lifewas short, but insanely bright. This event was for his family and fans a real shock. These young men were Zyzz, whose biography will be outlined in this article. So, let's get started.

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Aziz Shavernyan (Zyzz) was born in Moscow in 1989. When the boy was 5 years old, the family moved to Australia to permanent residence. The elder brother introduced him to online games. Most of all, Aziz liked the game "World of Warcraft". His character he called Zyzz. Soon the boy got off to the top players. According to his brother, he spent 7 or more hours playing every day. His virtual character became muscular, beautiful and powerful. Aziz was a pale, thin and small teenager. But one day everything changed. At Shavernyan something turned in my head. He sold his character for a solid amount and bought an annual subscription to the gym.

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Training and career

Zyzz, whose biography is so short, proceededto training with the zeal of his virtual character. He practiced for 5 hours a day and a year later became unrecognizable, turning from a frail adolescent into a handsome athlete. Anyone who wants to see this, should look at Zyzz before and after (photo in the article beautifully illustrates the wonderful transformation). Three years later he was offered to work as an instructor in the gym. At the same time, he won first place in the Sydney Bodybuilding Championship. There he noticed a representative of a well-known model agency and offered a contract for advertising clothes. Aziz confidently went to success. Inspired by victories, he wrote a book called The Bible of Zizz, where he talked about his training, nutrition, everything that helped to achieve success. Shortly before his death, Zyzz released his own clothing line. Despite his fame, Aziz was still a simple, cheerful and interesting guy. And all of a sudden everything stopped so suddenly ...

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In the late summer of 2011, Zyzz, whose biographyis an object of admiration for many young people, was with friends on holiday in Thailand. When he was in the sauna, he suddenly felt sick. He was taken to hospital with suspicion of a heart attack. Despite the fact that the ambulance arrived very quickly, and doctors repeatedly tried to bring him back to life, everything was useless. An autopsy showed that Aziz was dead before the doctors arrived. For all his death became a shock. Shaveryan always said that he never used steroids. Persistence and hours of training are the two things that helped the late Zyzz succeed. The cause of death, called after the autopsy, is heart disease. His family told the press that they have a hereditary disease. However, even before Aziz's death, his elder brother was arrested for storing forbidden steroids. Therefore, many conversations that the cause of death of Shavernyan was their excessive use, are not meaningless. According to the stories of relatives, friends and acquaintances, Zyzz, whose biography was considered in this article, loved life, enjoyed every moment of it and carried joy to others. So he had so many fans. The funeral took place in Sydney. They came to more than a thousand people.

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