Mask for swimming under water for children and adults

More and more modern people are overcome by longing forstone jungle. Each of us with impatience waits for the long-awaited vacation and begins to prepare for it in advance. Rest can be calm and moving. Today we want to attract the attention of those people who like to scuba dive. It is known to many that this is the most original method to get acquainted with a world that is beyond our control. For this lesson you will need a swimming mask. We will study all the subtleties of choice and operation.

How and from what

To begin with, it is worthwhile to find out what basic parts the underwater mask consists of. There are three of them, we'll get to know them better:

  1. Housing. Basically, on each specimen it is soft. It is made of silicone or rubber. When choosing a mask, you must take into account the color of the case. If it is black, this will create discomfort to your review. But the light body is not so good either. It creates many bright highlights that can dazzle. The choice should be based on your individual preferences. On sale you can find a mask with a protrusion for the nose and protection for the ears. It is better to give preference to a specimen with a small free space that does not exceed 300 mm2. The body of the mask should carefully surround the face, but do not squeeze it.
  2. Rim. Without it, a real swimming mask can not be dispensed with. Close attention will be paid to the windows, which are kept at the expense of the rim. If you are going to dive shallowly, enough monoculars. For all other cases, choose a double view. If you have serious problems with the eyes - this is not an excuse to give up your favorite occupation. Especially for such people there are masks with diopters that will correct your vision. Here, you will have to rely entirely on a qualified seller who will help you decide on a choice.
  3. Strap fastening. This is another major component, without which there is not a single quality mask. The main role of the strap is to create tightness, and also to fix the mask on the head. It must be regulated to a certain size. The mounting strap must have swivel buckles.

Here from such details each underwater mask consists.

swimming mask

Advice! Acquire such equipment is only in specialized stores, in the competence of which you are sure.


We continue our preparation for underwateradventures. The second main addition to the mask is a snorkel. Its main purpose is air supply, and the choice of such an attribute needs to be approached carefully. Before buying, we will learn the nuances that are worth paying attention to.

Choose wisely

The tube for swimming is selected individually. Here's what should interest you in the first place:

  1. The form. In the shops you can find various tubes, including those that completely repeat the bending of the face. The main advantage of such an accessory is that it does not interfere with the review when you are engaged in diving or underwater hunting. It is worth paying attention to the fact that a good model of the tube should have a flexible segment that is located near the mouthpiece.
  2. The size. First, pay attention to the thickness of the tube. Here you must find the golden mean. Because it's too thin to breathe, and in a thick one it's hard to expel a lot of water. Do not choose too small a size. Will constantly get water and create unnecessary discomfort. Optimal for a tube diameter is 2.5 cm with an oval channel section.
  3. Valve. Its presence eliminates the need for a constant blowing of the tube, which must be done after each dive. The valve can be found in two types: disk and ball.
  4. Additional fasteners. For diving, the swimming mask and the tube must be a single unit. The fasteners can be of two variants: under the mask with the help of straps and plastic clips or rubber rings. All of them must be regulated.
  5. Mouthpiece. It should be made of soft material, from which the jaw does not become numb. There are many kinds of mouthpiece, so everything is individual, you need to choose your own version. You can buy expensive. The material of such mouthpiece after contact with water takes the exact shape of the mouth.

We examined the main criteria by whichyou need to get a tube. There are two more, but they are not so important. First, it's color. It does not matter and does not affect the quality characteristics. Secondly, there are models equipped with a breaker. This function is non-essential, but can help get rid of excess water. We told you how the underwater mask and tube are selected.

underwater mask

For small fidgets

To teach children to a beautiful underwater worldneed from a small age. Parents should take care of this and buy the right equipment for swimming. Choose a mask for swimming children on the same principle as an adult. The main thing is to teach you how to handle it properly, and instead of enjoying it, a child can get unpleasant sensations and get scared. For training it is necessary to do the following:

  1. Teach your baby to hold his breath and breathe with his mouth.
  2. In the mask, your child must necessarily restrain nasal breathing, otherwise the mask will constantly sweat.

If the child is bad with eyesight, the underwater mask with dioptres is ideal for him.

float tube

Baby tube

This equipment from an adult differs primarily in its size, but according to the functional it is the same. The only point:

  • carefully choose the mouthpiece;
  • he should not form a wrong bite in the child;
  • material for the children's mouthpiece should be soft and elastic.

Storage and Care

Equipment for diving is not cheap. You should treat it carefully and carefully. We will touch on the topic of proper care. This is easy:

  1. Remove the protective film, which constantly sweats, you can use all your favorite soda. It is poured into the mask and left for 4-5 hours.
  2. You can clean the portholes with tooth powder.

Protect the mask from permanent exposure to ultraviolet rays. Masks for swimming under water are stored in a special rigid box, which protects from high temperatures.

masks for swimming under water

Storing the tube

With care of the mask sorted out. With the pipe, things are the same, but there are some differences:

  • clean up the dirt, because they can jam the valve for air;
  • After each use, flush with fresh water;
  • Do not leave long in the sun, the material is afraid of direct sunlight;
  • never store the handset that is not disconnected from the mask.

how to choose a mask for swimming

Helpful Tips

The swimming mask is generally good and long. What can not you say about the tubes? This inventory is constantly exposed to breakdowns. We will teach you to fight them.

  1. A common misfortune is the frequent wear and tear of the fastener that connects the mask to the tube. To correct a situation new elements will help.
  2. A bitten mouthpiece. Yes, yes, and the same happens. Do not despair: rather go to the store and buy a new one.
  3. Clogged valves. You can avoid this if you regularly wash the tube.
  4. Displacement of the mouthpiece. This failure occurs in the event of loss of the fixing element. Buy a new spare part and set it to its rightful place.

swimming mask for children

We have discussed in detail how to choose a mask for swimming. With high-quality equipment you can do your favorite thing and accustom yourself to the wonderful underwater world of your children.

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