Tennis player Dustin Brown. Biography, achievements, interesting facts

The motto of the famous tennis player Dustin Brown: "Always be yourself!" It was these words that helped the athlete make a successful career and join the list of 100 best players in the ATP.


Dustin Brown was born in Germany on December 8, 1984.year, in the city of Celle. His father Leroy is a Jamaican, and Mama Inga is a German. When Dustin was a kid, he did not just play tennis, but also football, handball, and judo. Only at the age of eight he was able to make a concrete choice.

Dustin Brown, tennis for which has becomean integral part of life, first trained in Jamaica. In the 90 years his family was experiencing financial difficulties. For this reason, the Browns moved from Germany to their father's homeland, to the city of Montego Bay.

Dustin Brown

At a young age, Dustin was hot-temperedcharacter and frivolity. During the game of tennis, he often lost his composure, which led to disqualification. Only in Jamaica athlete realized that to achieve success, you need to work hard, have patience and be collected.

In Montego Bay, Dustin Brown trainedfar from professional courts, on which there was a terrible cover. He lived without entertainment, he did not have game consoles and television sets, which allowed him to mature psychologically. The boy devoted a lot of time to training.

Financial difficulties are not a hindrance to success

At sixteen years the tennis player returned to Germany,because in Europe there were more chances to develop professionally. Dustin's parents could barely make ends meet. To carry his son to tournaments, they had to borrow a van, where they could sleep and eat. The athlete himself did not sit idle, he tried to earn, pulling rackets for other players. Father always said: "Do not be shy to be yourself!" It was these words that became the motto of Brown.

Dustin Brown Tennis

In 2002, the career of a tennis player beganprofessional level. Five years passed before Dustin Brown won his first tournament. In 2007, he won the international competition of the ITF Futures series. The next two years the tennis player won at the same tournaments.

Brown's achievements

At the age of 25, the athlete went on tohigh level. He participated in Challenger competitions in the most prestigious ATP series. The tournament was held in Uzbekistan in Samarkand in 2009, where Dustin won. Further, the tennis player wins two more times the same competitions next year (in Johannesburg and Aachen).

In 2010, Dustin Brown first appeared in the maingrid in the ATP tournament in South Africa and reached the quarter finals. In the same year he participated in the Grand Slam competitions in the UK. In Belgium in Newport at the ATP tournament in the list of players quarterfinals appeared a new name - Dustin Brown. The rating of the sportsman has made 78 place in the list of the best hundred tennis players of 2010. Until now, he is in the TOP-100.

Athlete's Titles

In the singles, Dustin Brown has not yet reachedspecial success, but in the doubles has two awards. In 2010, at the ATP tournament in Metz, he, together with Rogier Wassen won his first title. Tennis players defeated rivals from Brazil - Marcelo Melo and Bruno Soares with a score of 6: 3. And two years later, partner of Dustin on court was Paul Henley, with whom he won the tournament with the Italians Daniele Bracciali and Fabio Fognini.

Dustin Brown rating

Many tennis players noted a high levelprofessionalism of Brown. On court, Dustin is completely unpredictable, he plays not according to plan, most often improvises. The athlete can hold a blow at first, then a shortened and a slice. The growth of the tennis player - 1 m 96 cm, weight - 78 kg, working hand - right, the favorite blow - two-handed.

Interesting Facts

Dustin Brown is known to the public not only for hisan unusual style of the game, but also an interesting image. He wears long hair that is woven into dreadlocks. Thanks to this hairdo, friends call him Dreddy. The athlete has not had a haircut for more than twenty years. The tennis player pierced the tongue, and on the body there are several tattoos. Dustin has his own tradition: in games he performs with different in color laces: one - orange, the second - lime.

Due to his bright appearance, Brown is invited tophotography for magazines. Three years ago, his pictures flaunted on the pages of Vogue. The tennis player always and everywhere walks in big headphones. Before the game, he always listens to cheerful music for the mood. Since 2010, Dustin Brown is a citizen and resident of Germany. His house is in Cologne. The athlete lives with his girlfriend Sarah.

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