A truncheon telescopic - the opposition of the law and its own security

When people think about self-defense, in the headmost often for some reason appears the image of a knife. Meanwhile, for self-defense, the knife is far from the most suitable option. Judge for yourself - the potential damage from the knife is serious enough, but the stopping action is just negligible, and for self-defense it plays a decisive role.

To better understand what we are talking about, let's try to move awayfrom serious words and try to imagine a typical street situation. It turns out the following: the aggressively tuned drunk guy cuts from the knife will not stop, but rather irritate - he will start "steep build" or there will raise stones from the ground, but the blow that will stop him will send him into a world of peace and quiet, and you into the long fascinating journey through the northern "sanatoriums" at the state expense. What to do, than to calm your paranoid soul in the face of the threat?

And here on the stage comes a truncheon telescopic. Theoretically, from the point of view of the effectiveness of self-defense and your safety from bloody disassembly - an ideal option. The potential damage compared to the knife is small enough, that is, to score with a club to death really, but it needs to be tried. Well, or just do not care about safety and break the eye between the eyes a super-blow, which is very stupid. And why perfect? Because the telescopic baton has an excellent stopping power - that's why it is so appreciated by various riot police all over the world. The fact is that the human body is full of nerve nodes located close to the surface. The impact on them or even near them can seriously impair mobility to any enemy. For example, a blow, even not particularly strong, on the knee will lead to the fact that the knee is offended by the whole world and stops working for a couple of minutes. The same blow on the fingers will deprive them of their mobility - you will not squeeze your fist anymore. And what is most beautiful - such damages perfectly pass by themselves, unlike the stab wounds from the knife.

telescopic batons
In order that would be a truncheon telescopic has become your faithful assistant in the case of what, you must observe only a few conditions:

  1. Avoiding blows to the head - they almost always carry heavy bodily. The task of self-defense is to stop, not cripple.
  2. About know how to deal blows backhand - for this it is enough to practice a little.
  3. telescoping baton
    Know where to beat to reach the greatesteffectiveness. There are plenty of points - mostly joints and nerve nodes (wrist, elbows, knees, shoulders, fingers, the notorious nine). A hit on any such point will significantly reduce the mobility of the adversary without a global risk to his health.

As you can see, a telescopic baton is a faithful helper, but there is one "but" ... Remember the sentence: "Theoretically, telescoping batons are an ideal variant?".
The main word in this sentence is "theoretically". The fact is that in Ukraine, Russia and Belarus these devices are considered CW and are banned for free sale and wearing. And nobody cares that according to the classification they are not particularly suitable for CW, and they are freely sold, and the vile counselors assure you that this is not a weapon - if that is something to answer you! Therefore, please note - the telescopic baton does not like the law, it is easy to buy it, but it is difficult to answer for it.

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