Tony Parker - talented basketball player from the "San Antonio Spurs"

Tony Parker (photo can be seen in the article) -professional French basketball player. Currently playing for the club "San Antonio Spurs". In 2007, the athlete received the title of the best player of the NBA. In this article, we will present his brief biography.


Tony Parker was born in Bruges in 1982year, but he studied and grew up in France. The boy's father professionally played basketball for the team of the University of Chicago, and my mother was a model from Holland. As a child, Tony and his brothers often attended matches, on which his father played. But then he was not interested in basketball. Little Parker loved to play football. Everything changed after watching the autobiographical film about Michael Jordan.

toni parker

Interest in basketball

Since then, Tony Parker has constantly trained andstudied the strategy of the game. As a result, the young man achieved amazing results. In his team, he became a key defender. Tony was invited to a different basketball organization. After several matches in the nonprofessional league, the young man signed a contract with the club "Paris Basket Racing".


In the 2001 draft, Tony Parker was selected by the leadership of the San Antonio Spurs team. Several years this club won in the NBA tournament. In 2007, the hero of this article was named the player of the year.

Tony Parker and Eva Longoria

National team

Tony Parker was a member of the national team of the countryeven in adolescence. In 1997, in its composition, he participated in the European Championships (boys under 16). Unfortunately, the team managed to take only the fourth place. Also, Parker took part in two other European youth championships. In 2000, Tony's team won, and the hero of this article was recognized as the most significant player of the tournament. On average Parker gave 2.5 transfers and scored 14.4 points per game. At the European Championship in 2002, the athlete made 6.8 interceptions, the same number of transfers and scored 25.8 points.

At the Eurobasket in 2005, France defeatedthe Spanish team and won the "bronze". This was the great merit of Parker, who since 2003 was captain. But at the World Championships in 2006, Tony could not help because he broke his finger. As a result, France lost to the Brazilian national team.

Personal life

The basketball player got married at a young age. The chosen model of the sportsman was an actress named Eva Longoria. Most viewers remember her for the role of Gabriel Solis in the famous telenovela "Desperate Housewives". The wedding was played on July 7, 2007 in Paris. The celebration took place in the Catholic church, where in the 12th century the kings were married. But a few years later, Tony Parker and Eva Longoria divorced because of insurmountable differences.

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