Maria Tskiriya - the most popular fitness model

Today Maria Tskiriya is, perhaps, the mostpopular fitness model of Russia. She also represents several brands of sportswear and goods on the market. This article will describe her brief biography.


Maria Tskiriya was born in St. Petersburg in 1992. The girl's father had a small business, and my mother worked as a music teacher.

maria tciria

Start of classes

It should be noted that Maria Tskiria did not always havesuch a huge popularity. Until 2011, it was just a pretty and ordinary girl. Then she married and gave birth to her daughter Eve. Maria's husband, Sergei, worked as a fitness trainer. It was he who helped his wife lose weight, gained during the birth, and tighten the body. But this is not all. Sergei suggested that Maria try herself in competitive activities. As a result, the girl won first place in the city championship in the category of "fitness bikini". For further progress, she asked for a consultation with the well-known coach Alexander Vishnevsky. He helped her significantly improve the form and win several significant tournaments.


At first, Maria made many mistakes. But the recommendations of the trainers and the analysis of the sensations of one's own body helped to correct them with time. Tskiriya advises to concentrate completely on the muscle being pumped and relax the rest. There should be no distractions (telephone, music, conversations, etc.). It is necessary to try different angles of inclination and options for performing exercises, while monitoring the signals of your own organism. Only in this way is it possible to find the ideal position of the body, involving the trained muscle by 100%.

maria tskiriya biography

Outside Sports

In addition to the competition, Maria Tskiria deals withadvertising activities. The girl has several contracts with the manufacturers of sportswear and products. The most successful luxurious forms of Mary allow you to promote tight leggings and leggings. Also the bikinist works as a trainer, fitness model, photographer and sometimes Ring Girl (wears a plate with a round number on the battles of the M1 federation). In the future, the girl plans to complete an competitive career and fully devote herself to the modeling business.


Previously, Maria Tskiriya, whose biography waspresented above, was inspired only by performances. Going to the stage in perfect form is the best possible motivation. But over time, everything changed. After all, the athlete won the desired titles. Now she just moves on, and her husband Sergey supports her in everything.

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