Burning calories: the most popular methods

You can lose weight only in conditions of energy deficit. Restrict food to only certain limits. If the diet is less than 600 calories, well-being and performance will decrease sharply. Even the prisoners of the concentration camps, in order for them to work, scrupulous Germans gave 600 calories for 24 hours. However, such nutrition is impossible for a long time. Therefore, reasonable slimming people are looking for an opportunity to spend their calories.

Burning calories is not a pleasant process,as their consumption. As you know, losing weight is difficult and unpleasant, getting fat is easy and fun. However, one should not concentrate on the bad sensations of losing weight. Every time you feel hungry, adjust yourself to the fact that it is at this moment that the blood carries fat molecules to feed the cells. Of course, to achieve this is not so easy, and you will have to switch to low-calorie meals. Then you will have to spend less. Consider the best ways to burn calories:

  1. The best way to consume energy is running, andslow. It should not be guided by time, but by the distance traveled. For beginners, it will be enough 4 km, it will take about half an hour to run such a distance. You can measure the distance using Yandex Maps, using a special function. If you do not have a lot of excessive weight and a lot of free time - running is best. In order to burn an equal number of calories, on a bicycle with an average intensity will have to work about 1.4 times longer. Any table of burning calories will prove it to you. Absolute values ​​of burning calories for your weight on the tables are difficult to determine, unless, of course, you weigh not exactly 70 kg, this is the number most often compiled tables.
  2. Now let's talk about bike trips. If you live in the city center, the bicycle is not the best choice. Few people like to jump on the curbs, and if you stop around each curb, you have to spend a lot of time. In addition, not everywhere you can drive fast enough to spend a lot of calories. However, burning calories on a bicycle is perfect for those who have joint or spine diseases, which does not allow them to run. The energy consumption on the bike is quite substantial, although the race is still better.
  3. A good alternative to running is walking. Suitable for almost everyone, does not give a huge load on your knees and allows you to lose weight no worse than running. Any calculator burning calories will prove to you that the expenditure of calories for overcoming the same distance when walking and running differs units by 20-50. That is, walking is as effective as running, but it will require twice as much time for the same result. Personally, I, the author, managed to walk away with 25 kg with the help of walking 5-6 hours a day for 2 months. Against the backdrop of a diet, of course, but without walking, I would never have lost weight so quickly and could not move on to running.
  4. Gym. Burning calories is not very big, but there is one very important effect - your metabolism is much faster. The organism accustoms the muscles of those who are engaged to consume more carbohydrates, which means they can be eaten more. And if you do not eat immediately after training, the body will quickly reach fat stores. And simply burning calories even without the load will be at a higher level - this is how our body is arranged.
  5. Aerobics and fitness. Suitable only for those who need to lose weight and only need kilograms so on 5. Running is more effective than aerobics in terms of endurance. In addition, you will have to invest a certain amount in special clothes. Fitness is effective only if you severely restrict yourself in eating and are engaged with a class instructor. But in general, the ratio of price and result is not in favor of this type of expenditure of calories.

To choose in the end you. In the article only some of the most popular methods are considered. But there is still combat, swimming and dancing. Look for something that the soul will lie to.

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