The captain's armband in football

The captain's armband is an integral partmodern football. Each team has a captain - a player who enters the field as a representative of the head coach and moral leader. This player is very important for the club in many ways, although such a title does not give him any actual advantages on the football field. The captain's armband is a symbol that allows you to identify the main player of the team among all the others.

What is this attribute?

captain's armband

The captain's armband is a symbolic object,which is used on the football field. It is worn on the left forearm, although it should be noted that there are no prescribed rules that would indicate where exactly this symbol should be worn. By tradition, it turned out that the captain's armband is worn on the left hand, but some players use the right hand for this if they are more comfortable. Most often, this bandage is given to one of the experienced players or to someone who has high morale, leadership qualities, can lead the team for themselves even in the most difficult confrontations. It would seem that the character does not give the player any football advantages, but it is a very important attribute.

How is the captain chosen?

captain's armband football

However, the bandage itself is only a scrapfabric, it only indicates which of the players is chosen by the team captain. The personality of the player is important, and here it is necessary to choose the right person who will be able to lead the team on the field. Who is making such a serious decision? Again, as with the wearing of the bandage itself, there are no specific rules and requirements. In some cases, the captain determines the leadership of the club, in others - the players themselves. But still the coach most often chooses, since the captain of the team is his representative on the football field. As everyone knows, the coach can not go on the field, so he has to shout out the manuals because of his borders or pass them in game pauses. But if the connection between the coach and the captain is adjusted well, the latter himself can make certain decisions, direct his team in the right direction. That's why the captain's armband is so important. Football practice shows that a good leader can greatly affect the game.


that gives the captain's armband in football

Well, it's time to look at what givescaptain's armband in football. As already mentioned above, according to the rules, it does not guarantee any advantages. The main difference between the captain and the rest of the players is that he takes part in the draw held before the match, when he decides who will start the game from the center of the field, and who chooses the gate. Also, the captain often uses the chance to communicate with the judge, since his opinion is authoritative, and the likelihood that the referee will listen is much higher. But the main tasks - the motivation of the team, guide it during the match, since this person is considered the second after the coach and largely replaces him on the playing field.

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