How to quickly lose weight with soda: 2 simple recipes

Today almost all womenthe beautiful half of our humanity are literally doing everything to lose weight by several kilograms. So, due to serious physical loads, some can achieve the desired result, while others prefer very simple means. One of these options is common for everyone to eat baking soda. How successful is this method? How fast can I lose weight with soda? This is what we will discuss in this article.

Option 1: special baths

how to lose weight fast with soda
Many claim that quickly lose weight with the help ofSoda can be by the most ordinary baths. One session lasts approximately 20 minutes, and the course, respectively, is about 10 baths (every other day). However, everything is not so simple. Even if after the first session the plumb line is at most 1-1.5 kg, then in subsequent procedures it will hardly exceed 300 grams. How does this method work? Everything is very simple. It is necessary to fill the bath itself with hot water and then pour 500 g of sea salt + 200 g of soda. After that, immerse the whole body under the water and wait for the result. At a relatively high temperature, our body, for the sake of protection, triggers a mechanism of increased sweating. It in turn occurs many times faster in the so-called osmolar alkaline medium, which is dissolved soda. So, excess fluid leaves the body, and the weight literally melts. That's the secret, how to lose weight quickly with soda.

quickly lose weight with soda

Underwater rocks

According to specialists, this method is fraught withimagine a lot of negative health aspects. For example, high water temperature negatively affects blood pressure: as a consequence, in some cases, even a hypertensive crisis is possible. As a rule, people with vegetovascular dystonia face this problem. To the hypertensive patients this method is also categorically contraindicated. In addition, this weight loss is highly not recommended for people with cancer and pregnant women.

Option 2: a miracle drink

Lose weight with the help of soda drinking can and otherway - you just need to prepare a miracle drink. Previously, such a solution washed the nasopharynx with a cold, and today get rid of excess centimeters in the waist. How fast can I lose weight with soda? Adherents of this "diet" ask us to remember mothers and grandmothers who used this powder for washing dishes, and not a variety of synthetic products. Thus, in our body soda also does not let fat be absorbed, displaying them consistently in an unchanged form. However, not everyone believes this miraculous technique.

to lose weight with the help of soda drinking

How does the powder affect weight and health?

According to experts, in practice this powder in no way affects
body weight. It creates a less acidic environment in the stomach, which negatively affects the process of digestion. However, this fact does not affect the absorption of fats, but, on the contrary, can cause various diseases of the stomach, and also exacerbate the already existing chronic ailments.


So, in this article we are as detailed as possibleexamined two, perhaps, the most popular way how to lose weight quickly with soda. Note that nutritionists still do not recommend resorting to the use of such questionable methods. It is better to monitor your diet and actively play sports.

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