Thunder Pistol: review and disassembly method

Nature has a lot of weapons that canto destroy not only individual people or animals, but whole species, colonies, flocks, cities. Floods, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis - all these natural disasters can be called with calm conscience a weapon of mass destruction. But all this is precisely cataclysms, very terrible and dangerous, capable of destroying a huge number of living things, but very, very rare.

Thunderstorm Pistol
Where more often happens, and therefore more often is the cause of someone's death, another natural trouble, accompanied by thunder and bright flashes of light. Yes, it's a thunderstorm.

The pistol that received the name of this phenomenon is just as dangerous and has a lot of lethal force. Power - that's what gave this weapon the right to such a big name.

At the moment, there are severalmodifications - the gun Groza-05, Groza-021 and others. The differences between them are insignificant, therefore, when talking about this weapon, it is not necessary to specify a specific model.

So, the Thunderstorm gun is traumatic, it is made in Russian manufactures. This weapon has enough power, and therefore a license is required to wear it.

This pistol is produced almost entirely fromsteel, only the frame is made of plastic. Thanks to this "Thunderstorm" with its high strength has not too much weight - only 700 grams - which is very convenient for sports shooting. It should be noted that the manufacturers of this weapon were concerned about its safety, and therefore equipped it with a firmly fastened barrel with special welded protrusions that make shooting with hard bullets impossible.

Traumatic Storm Gun
Traumatic Gun Groza has a veryimpressive size - its length exceeds 20 centimeters, and the height is 13 centimeters. Of course, it's nice to have such a weapon, and it's easy enough to scare an accidental robber, but large dimensions make it much more difficult to covertly carry a pistol.

Store "Thunderstorms" has a fairly large capacity - it accommodates 15 rounds of 9PA caliber.

The gun is equipped with a flag-type fuseand a sight, consisting of a fly and a pole, fixed on the swallowtail. The price of weapons is relatively small, although incomparable with the cost of pneumatics.

Thunderstorm gun

Of course, each owner of the weapon - it does not matter,pneumatic or traumatic - from time to time it encounters the need for disassembly and assembly. The reasons for this can be a lot: it's the need to replace any part, and the need to lubricate the mechanism, and the desire to boast of the speed of collection-parsing. It should be noted that he understands the Thunder pistol quite easily.

Of course, before the action begins, it is necessarydischarge weapons - this is done for the safety of its owner. After that, the magazine is taken out of it, the bolt of the bolt is removed. To do this, raise the left bar and strongly press the heel of the magazine on the sawn-off ledge located on the right side.

Then the gate bolt is removed. To do this, he (the bolt) is pulled back and slightly up. It remains only to extract the spring, for which the axis is first taken out, on which it is put on. All - Thunderbolt gun dismantled, the assembly is carried out in reverse order.

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