Pools in Kiev. Overview and addresses

This article is designed to help those who want to find suitable swimming pools in Kiev. Tell you what services are offered by different complexes, and where they can teach a child to swim.

About the benefits of swimming

Swimming is a very useful sport. This is the only type of physical activity, suitable for people of all age categories, from birth to old age, all levels of physical fitness, with different health status. The use of swimming is to strengthen immunity, increase the overall endurance of the body, the tone of the whole body.

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The best swimming pools in Kiev

"Palace of underwater sports"

At Sergienko street, house 2/3 is located"Palace of underwater sports", where adults and children are engaged. The pool of the 50-meter length is divided into 10 tracks in width, its depth in different zones from 1.4 to 5.3 meters. There are four jumping towers: 3, 5, 7 and 10 meters.

Here, under the guidance of the best coaches,aquasaving, water polo, underwater and synchronized swimming, as well as modern pentathlon and triathlon. In the complex there is a diving center "Vodolaz".

Swimming pool "CSK"

Located on the avenue Vozduhoflotsky, house 6. The pool consists of 19 tracks, its length is 25 meters, the depth is from 1.2 to 5.5 meters. There are four springboards for jumping, 1 meter high each.

Children from 6 years of age are admitted to sportsschool of the Olympic reserve, where they teach swimming and jumping from a springboard. Adults come to classes in the areas: aqua aerobics, shaping, fitness, are engaged in the gym.

Complex "Vodnik"

On Voloshskaya street, house 62 there is a complex"Vodnik" with a sauna and a sports hall. The pool is 25 meters long, consists of 6 tracks 1.5-5-meter deep. Here there are adults and children's groups, conduct individual lessons. There are groups of synchronized swimming and water aerobics.

Pool "Spartacus"

Pool "Spartacus" in Frunze street, 105 for adults and children. Classes are held on 6 tracks of 25 meters each, depth from 1.10 to 4.8 meters.

Active sections: diving club, Olympic reserve school for children and youth swimming and swimming school for children from 6 years old.

Sports complex "Planet sport"

On the street Dragomanova, 27a is a sportscomplex "Planet sport" with two swimming pools: an adult with a length of 25 meters with 4 lanes and a child 6x12 meters, whose depth is 0.8-1 m. There are groups of swimming training, there are classes of aquafitness. Individual training is possible.

Swimming pools for children in Kiev: addresses

Pools for classes with children almost do not containchlorine. Water is purified with ozone and ultraviolet. The water temperature in the pool is maintained at 30 ° C, and the room warms up to 26 ° C and above. Good children's pools in Kiev always have in stock a special inventory: rugs, belts and sleeves for swimming, inflatable balls, toys. During the classes children learn water, then learn synchronized and sports swimming, perform basic exercises of aqua aerobics.

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List of pools for children:

  • "Olympus" on the street Dimitrova, house 10, building. 8;
  • "Kiev Academy of Navigation", Frunze St., 105;
  • sports complex "Zoryany", ave. Vozduhoflotsky, 22;
  • wellnes-center "Pushcha" in Pushcha-Voditsa, on Kurortnaya street, house 9;
  • swimming training center, st. M. Zakrevsky, 67A;
  • "Dolphin-B", prosp. Holosiivsky, 120V;
  • fitness center "Olympic style", along the street Physical culture, 1, building. 6.

Swimming pools for babies

Sterile cleanliness is always maintained in the infiltrate basins without the use of chlorine, and the water temperature never falls below 32 ° C.

Classes in the swimming pool for babies are possible withthe moment of healing of the umbilical cord. Up to 3 months only individual classes of kids with their mother and coach are allowed. With children under 18 months of age, classes are held in a small group.

Babies are allowed to practice only in a special swimming diaper. It is compulsory that the child and parents have medical certificates.

pools for children cues addresses

Swimming pools in Kiev for babies:

  • children's health center "Nemo" along Saksaganskogo street, 100;
  • the family center "Miracle Tree" on Victory Avenue, house 136;
  • club of healthy pleasures "5 Element", st. Electricians, house 29А;
  • sport complex "Kievplastmass", Shakhterskaya street, 5;
  • sports complex "Science", b. Vernadsky, house 32;
  • family center "Peace of Harmony", Prospect Heroes of Stalingrad, 4, building 4, of. 74.
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