"Buton" finger machine: features of application

Stroke leads to circulatory disorders in thetissues of the brain. As a result, the nerve cells are affected and die. Because of this, the body loses its basic functions, for which the affected parts of the brain responded.

In this case, the mobility of the fingers is often reducedhands. Rehabilitation after a stroke is a very complicated process, including not only medication, but also massage, and a certain system of physical exercises. To do this, use of the device for fingers is shown.

general characteristics

The best solution in the absence of necessarythe mobility of the fingers on the upper limbs is the use of special mechanisms. They not only restore motor functions, but also prevent the appearance of muscle tissue atrophy.

Finger Hand Exerciser

Such training is prescribed duringstay of the patient in the hospital. To avoid muscle atrophy, it is necessary to begin as soon as possible to do exercises on the simulator for fingers after the stroke "bud".

A healthy person performs a large amount ofthe number of movements with your fingers, even without noticing it. The patient who had a stroke, at first can not do it. The flexibility of the joints is lost, the fingers of the hands are "rusty". If a lot of time has passed, the process can become irreversible. To avoid undesirable consequences, you need to use the device to develop your fingers after a stroke. It will help restore the old functions.

Device "Buton"

System "Bud" with the help of mechanicalexercises helps restore the flexibility of the joints, giving the necessary signals to the cells of the patient's brain. The load that acts on the fingers during training is determined by special automation. That is, the device for fingers is adjusted to the individual capabilities of the organism of each individual patient.

The simulator for fingers after a stroke

The system "Bud" mechanically affectsfingers with such force, which is currently calculated muscles and joints. During such training, certain signals are sent to the nerve endings, they are additionally stimulated. This leads to a return of sensitivity.

Training helps complete recoveryperformance of limbs. The working time of the mechanism for extending the fingers is not limited. It can be used to conduct exercises for hours, stimulating the mobility of the fingers. Moreover, the patient does not feel any discomfort.

Device Features

The patient can use the device in a convenient place for himselfbeing in a supine or sitting position. The device "Bud" will restore the lost mobility for hours. The electronics of the system are not capable of exceeding the capabilities of the joints when the fingers are extended beyond their present mobility.

Exercises for the development of fingers

The system will increase the movement of the joints andThe muscles with each subsequent period of exercise are soft and comfortable for the patient. When working with the machine to extend the fingers, it is important to correctly fix the limb in the glove of the device. Fixing gums should be positioned so that they are located close to the upper phalanx of the fingers. With this fixation, the maximum result will be achieved. All upper limb systems will be involved in the operation of the device.

The finger simulator is able to completely replace the massage, working much longer and more efficiently than any specialist. The process of restoring fingers after a stroke is significantly cheaper.

Recommendations of specialists

The regularity and duration of the use of the "Bud" hand trainer can be a guarantee of positive changes in the process of rehabilitation of the patient.

It is very important not to give up training and do not miss training. Brain links after a stroke should be restored, the body will be able to learn how to re-manipulate muscles.

Exerciser for extension of fingers

The simulator for restoring the mobility of the fingershands after a stroke "Buton" has proved to be an indispensable reliable assistant in this process. There are many positive reviews about his work and the results of treatment with this device. Of course, in each specific case the results of its application depend on the vastness of the lesions of the brain tissues and on how quickly the treatment with this device was started. But the general positive dynamics is observed practically in all patients who used the "Bud" simulator for the development of the fingers after a stroke.

Having considered the peculiarities of using a specialequipment to restore the mobility of the upper limbs, you can understand the importance of their early application in the process of rehabilitation of the patient. The earlier the rehabilitation process is started, the greater the chance for the patient to return to his previous lifestyle. Modern medicine can help every patient with this problem.

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