Marcos Pizzelli: all the most interesting about the Brazilian-Armenian football player

Marcos Pizzelli was born in 1984, on October 3, inBrazil. This is a Brazilian and Armenian footballer, who today defends the colors of FC Al-Raed and the Armenian national team. He has quite a rich and interesting career, and it's worth telling about it.

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Start of professional activity

Marcos Pizzelli started with the Brazilian club"San Carlos". And in 2006, the young football player was noticed by the representatives of the Armenian FC Ararat. They made him an offer to move. The player agreed and soon moved to Yerevan. There he made his debut on April 30. The match was against FC Ulysses. The Brazilian player was released on the replacement in the 58th minute.

June 16, he designed his first goal. By the way, he sent the ball into the net again in a match against Ulysses. It should be noted that the first year in Armenia and in the new team, Marcos left to adapt. But from the next season he began to score steadily. And it was thanks to his amazing effectiveness that he became the best scorer of the Armenian championship. And two times! The first time - in 2007 (with 22 goals), and the second time - in 2008 (17 goals).

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Way to success

Because of the fact that the "Ararat" in the late 2000'sthere were strong financial problems, Marcos Pizzelli went to France to play in the Yerevan club from the city of Valence. A year later he moved to Pyunik. This was in 2009. In July, he signed a long contract with the team.

In the new team, the player showed himself at a worthylevel. He, along with the club, won twice champion titles, as well as the Cup (2 times) and the Super Cup (1 time) of the country. It is interesting that in the tenth round of the Armenian championship, held in 2010, Marcos Pizzelli held his 100th match in the Premier League. It was in that season that the Brazilian player received the title of the best scorer of Armenia. And the following year he was named the best scorer of the championship. After that, he received an offer from the Donetsk "Metallurg".

In 2011, the football player signed a contract with the Ukrainian club. He went there not alone, but together with Gevorg Kazaryan, his club mate from FC Pyunik.

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Russian clubs and national team

In 2012, Marcos Pizzelli moved to Russia. Naturally, in connection with the proposal he received from the "Kuban". This team became his new club. Brazilian, by the way, the head coach of the Krasnodar club noticed in 2011. Dan Petrescu watched him for a long time and in the end made a favorable offer to him. The contract was signed for three years. However, he did not last long there. Already on May 27, 2013 he was invited to the ranks of "Krasnodar". But in the main part of the Brazilian could not gain a foothold. So they decided to lease it. The player happily accepted FC Aktobe. This was in 2014. April 9, the Brazilian first appeared on the field as part of the Kazakh club. He was released on the replacement in the 73rd minute. And after 60 seconds he had already drawn up his first goal. Then FC "Aktobe" played against "Zhetysu". And that goal was the only and victorious.

In the current year, 2016, in January, Marcos became a player of a team like Al-Raed. Now he protects her colors.

Many are interested in what is Marcos Pizzellinationality. It is logical that since he plays for the national team of Armenia, it means he is Armenian. But no. Marcos is a pure Brazilian. He told that he was invited to join the national team by its chief coach and the president of the Armenian Football Federation. Marcos understood that he would be hard hit by the Brazilian team, but in Armenia he would be successful. And he liked the idea. So he made the choice. As can be seen now, he was not mistaken. By the way, it is interesting that the Brazilian speaks Armenian well and loves to sing the national songs of this people.

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Marcos Pizzelli, whose biography is veryinteresting, has achieved considerable success in his entire life. Together with "Ararat" he won the Armenian Cup in 2008, and in 2007 he became the best scorer of the championship. He repeated his success in 2008, by the way.

With "Pyunik" he became the champion of Armenia (twice), and also won the Cup and the Super Cup of the country. All these achievements were in 2010. Then he was recognized as the best scorer of the championship.

Together with "Metallurg" he won nothing. This is about team achievements. But he was named the best player in July 2011.

And together with "Aktobe" the Brazilian won the Supercup of Kazakhstan in 2014. It was his last achievement, but you can be sure that he will win more than once in any championship.

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