Gas and pepper spray cans for self-defense

After widespread distributiontraumatic guns gas cartridges somehow fell into the background, their sale is no longer accompanied by aggressive advertising, and it seems that interest in this self-defense tool is gradually dying out. Meanwhile, it is still quite an effective means of self-defense, which has a number of serious advantages over the same "traumas". So, for example, using pepper cans, you can not be afraid that the enemy will be killed or seriously injured. At the same time, if used correctly, they can permanently disable the attacker. Let's consider in detail how effective, what are, how to apply and how tear and pepper cans are used for self-defense.

pepper cans

Classification of gas cartridges

The cans are divided according to the type used intheir substance and spraying option. Inside may contain either tear gas (SC) or extract from hot pepper (OC). The one and the other composition act on mucous respiratory organs and eyes, causing spasms of the throat, profuse lachrymation, burning, coughing. In addition, pepper cans are produced with synthetic pepper extract - pelargonic acid (IPC) morpholide. By its effect, the MPC is similar to a natural extract, but it is considered somewhat weaker. By the method of spraying the canisters are divided into jet and aerosol. The first produces a concentrated jet and requires a certain accuracy, and the second atomizes between the owner and the attacker a protective cloud of a relatively large area.

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Features of different cans

In general, pepper cans are considered moreeffective, and their damaging effect can be considered guaranteed. Moreover, unlike those filled with tear gas, they act on animals and people who are in drug or alcoholic intoxication. But SC operates instantly, and the maximum effect from OS comes only within a few seconds. As for the jet and aerosol options, they also have their strengths and weaknesses. So, the spray can can be used indoors and for a relatively large distance, but, as already mentioned above, its use requires accuracy, skill and coolness. In turn, the aerosol can be sprayed just to the side of the enemy, but its cloud is sensitive to air fluctuations, and the effect decreases with increasing distance in geometric progression, and, of course, it can not be applied indoors, without suffering yourself.

pepper cans for self-defense

Helpful Tips

The greater the volume of SC or pepperballoons, the stronger the jet and the longer the spraying time. But in the Russian Federation the amount of the active substance (BB) in a single can is limited by law, which means that no matter how large the balloon is, the amount of explosives will remain unchanged. Consequently, smaller pepper cans have a higher concentration of BB in one "shot". After using the can, you must immediately run, without waiting for the attacker to recover. If he managed to close his face with his hands or squeezed, you should immediately strike him in the groin or shin, and then try to hide. The most well-known domestic pepper cans "Shock", "Burning pepper", canister SC "Weapons of the proletariat", "Higher measure".

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