Ekaterina Malysheva, Russian skater: biography and sports career

Ekaterina Malysheva, whose biographyis presented to your attention, is a well-known Russian skater. The sportswoman participated in the Olympic Games, repeatedly became the prize-winner of the championship of Russia.

Biographical information

Ekaterina Malysheva, whose photo is presented inThis article was born in January 1987 in Chelyabinsk. From an early girl was eager for sports, so the parents approved a visit to the section of speed skating, where the talent of the future participant of the Olympic Games fully revealed in the sprint all-round.

ekaterina malysheva biography

From the junior age, Ekaterina Malysheva was very serious about the training process. Together with perseverance and talent, this began to bring the first sporting successes.

The beginning of sports career

At the junior world championships 2004 the 17-year-oldThe Russian speed skater is the fifth, and a year later - the eighth. In 2006, she won all her peers at the Russian championship in the classic all-around.

Before the Olympics in Turin, 18-year-old CatherineMalysheva falls into the main national team. Then the athlete for the first time performs at the World Cup stage, showing excellent results for her age. Malysheva was even on the list of candidates for a trip to Turin, but the coaches did not dare to exhibit a young and inexperienced skater.

Destination - Vancouver

Not hitting the Turin Olympics, Malysheva beganserious preparation for the next Games. She actively performs at the World Cup stages in three different distances: 1500, 1000 and 500 meters. Also, Catherine first took part in the European Championships, where she was among the top twenty female athletes. But the highest achievement this year was bronze in the sprint is not the national championship.

Ekaterina Malysheva

Next season Ekaterina Malyshevadebuted at the World Championships, where she became the eighteenth in the sprint. Among the achievements of the athlete should be noted the eleventh place on the hundred-meter mark at the World Cup stage, as well as the bronze medal of the Russian championship at a distance of 500 meters.

Malyshev spent the pre-Olympic season very muchactively. She again became the third in the Russian Championship at a half-kilometer distance. At the world championship athlete again took the eighteenth place, and on the European - the fifteenth.

The Olympic season developed for Catherine Malysheva quite well. She became a double winner of the Russian championship, and also took the fifth place in the sprint at the world championship.

In Vancouver, Ekaterina Malysheva rode with hopeTo compete for the medals of the Olympics. But, unfortunately, the competitions were unsuccessful for her. At the 500-meter distance Malysheva took 24 place, and on the kilometer - 27.

Forced break and home Olympics

In the post-Olympic season, Ekaterina Malysheva againwon the silver medal of the Russian Championship at the 500-meter long crowning point. However, because of her long-standing illness - lymphadenitis - the athlete almost did not have to finish her career.

After a one-year break, Malysheva resumesHis performances at the World Cup stages and again becomes a two-time winner of the Russian championship. She had to compete in the world championship, but missed him because of a head injury.

екатерина малышева photo

Malysheva prepared for the home Olympics verydiligently. She again became the second on the 500-meter mark at the Russian Championship. In Sochi, Catherine also performed at her crowning distance. Unfortunately, it was not possible to compete for medals at the Russian speed skating - it took the seventeenth place.

Despite the tight schedule of trainings and performances, Ekaterina Malysheva was able to finish the Ural University of Physical Culture.

Sportswoman is not going to leave skating sport. Among her plans is participation in the 2018 Olympics in Pyongyang.

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