Inflatable PVC boat "Cayman-360": review, specifications, reviews

The domestic boat "Cayman-360" is one of thethe most popular and practical representatives of the detachment of inflatable vessels "Mnev." Boat means can be operated in water bodies with quiet and measured water, as well as on rivers with restless waves. The boat has a high load capacity (0.6 tons), is stable, has certain design features in combination with ease of operation.

caiman 360

Short description

In conditions of increased danger at high wavemaximum safety and comfort of the "Cayman" boat are provided due to the steep contours of the balloon with increasing diameter, as well as the raised keel of the bottom part. In addition, the vessel is equipped with a set of hard flooring made of waterproof and anti-slip plywood with a special coating.

The considered PVC swimming agent is goodmaneuvers, perfectly keeps the course and quickly goes on gliding. Distinctive features of the boat are the highly raised nose, the classic shape of the inflatable body with a minimum number of seams. The arrangement of the elements is thought out to the smallest detail, which allows to increase the carrying capacity with compact equipment and to rejoice in the spaciousness of the cockpit. The vessel is easily folded and transported in the trunk of the car.

Structural features

PVC-boat "Cayman-360" is made in the hullU-shaped version with glued hard transom, equipped with splash protection. This modification can have hemispherical or conical fodder outlines of cylinders. The diameter of the inflatable structure expands to the aft part and at the maximum point is 470 millimeters. Smooth descent to the wave provides a prolonged lift of the nose and an inflatable keel, responsible for exchange rate stability.

boat cayman

The vessel is equipped with a plywoodtype, which is placed in stringers of aluminum. The maximum passenger capacity of up to six people is due to the high load capacity. The crew is provided with plywood cans, which are mounted in the face-groove. Fixing the seats is solid, which allows you to adjust the landing.

The inflatable vessel "Cayman-360" provides twopairs of rope rails. Elongated elements are located on the outside, and short handrails - in the nose compartment. Collapsible aluminum paddles are held in the stern with the help of articulated oarlocks.

Material of manufacture

Material for the boat in questionA layer of synthetic polyester fabric is used, which is coated on both sides with a polyvinyl chloride component. All PVC-elements are joined together by adhesion, and dense weaving of the base provides high strength and resistance to mechanical and piercing influences.

Polyvinyl chloride guaranteesairtightness of the material, while ensuring the elasticity of the structure, which is important when assembling and disassembling the boat in low temperature conditions. The material is not very exposed to ultraviolet rays, salt water, heat, oils. Optimum performance is maintained in the range of -30 to +55 degrees Celsius. The most critical parts of the vessel are assembled in manual mode, controlled at each stage, the seams are joined by welding with additional sizing with a special tape.

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Inflatable boat "Cayman-360" has highsafety indicators. To fix the elements, a polyurethane-based adhesive is used, which after application works as "cold welding". The design of the valves contains tray-type springs, which ensure tightness, durability and convenience in operation.

They close with a plastic plug,which does not favor the dimensions of the cylinder. The deck and the trench are made of special waterproof plywood with non-slip coating, additional rigidity is provided by the aluminum grate. Inflatable cylinders are equipped with partitions, which guarantee buoyancy in case of damage to one of the compartments. A pressure equalization system is provided, as well as a device that allows to move the passenger seats throughout the vessel's internal area.

caiman 360 specifications

Boat "Cayman-360": characteristics

Below are the technical parameters of the vessel in question:

  • category - motor-rowing boat;
  • bottom class - hard flooring;
  • length / width / height to the maximum - 3,6 / 1,72 / 0,47 meters;
  • total weight - 66 kilograms;
  • passenger capacity - up to six people;
  • carrying capacity (kg) - 610;
  • the number of compartments is three;
  • material - PVC;
  • packing of the cylinder (dimensions) - 1,2 / 0,6 / 0,3 meters.

Cayman-360 PVC can be equippedpower units up to 30 horsepower. The manufacturer does not recommend the use of motors more than 15 "horses". This is quite enough for a confident gliding at a maximum load of up to 55 kilometers per hour, which for any inflatable boat is an impressive indicator.


In the standard version, the inflatable motor boat "Cayman" is completed as follows:

  1. Aluminum collapsible oars - one pair.
  2. Plywood seats (cans) - two pieces.
  3. Pump-pump for air injection.
  4. Repair kit.
  5. A set of stringers.
  6. Reinforced pion.
  7. Three packing bags.

In addition, all boats "Cayman" additionallycan be equipped with a removable awning. You can choose an attached specimen, a variant with a glass, a transformer or a nose cape. Some modifications are equipped with a convenient console that allows you to remotely control certain elements on board. The price of the vessel starts from 45 thousand rubles.

caiman 360 reviews

PVC-boat "Cayman-360": reviews

As evidenced by consumer reviews,The boat in question showed itself only on the positive side for its class. Many note the reliability and confidence, even with a significant water swell. With many years of use, there is no significant deformation of the hull and valve passage, which confirms the safety of the vessel.

In addition, it is worth paying attention to the highindex of carrying capacity and capacity of passengers. This allows you to use the boat "Cayman-360" for travel, fishing and service needs. In combination with an acceptable price, this vessel is well equipped, easily folds into three compact bags, placed for transportation in the trunk of almost any car. The use of modern materials and ease of operation is another objective plus of the "Cayman".


From the foregoing, it can be concluded thatthe considered inflatable motor-rowing boat is one of the best domestic representatives in its class. Separately it is worth noting the elaborate design, several modifications (differing in the shape of the hull), as well as the possibility of equipping the swimming device with a tent, which is important in bad weather.

inflatable cayman 360 boat

If we compare the boat "Cayman" with the nearestcompetitors or predecessors, it is possible to identify certain improvements in the quality of the shell finish, the thoughtfulness of the arrangement of internal elements. The design features in the form of a smoothly rising nose and expanding cylinders indicate that the manufacturers have worked well over all the controversial issues that adversely affect the stability and other parameters of inflatable boats that were released earlier.

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