Anabolic steroids - the consequences can be sad

In recent years, hundreds of young people have been floodedsections and clubs shaping and athletic gymnastics. Wanting to have the same figure as the famous athletes, some start taking steroids, the consequences of which can be deplorable.

Many people think: why long months of hard training, compliance with the regime, waiting for slow progress, if at hand are the magic ampoules and pills that will help in the shortest time to get the expected result. The most dangerous and common drugs are anabolic steroids.

The chemical formula of these compounds is very closeon the composition of the male sex hormone testosterone, which produces the human sex glands. It is known that the person taking steroids, the consequences are manifested in the form of muscle growth in diameter, which is due to the accelerated assimilation of proteins and water retention in muscle tissues. But in addition to the stimulating effect, any anabolic hormone has an active hormonal effect on the body.

Of course, adverse side effects from admissionSteroids do not immediately manifest. Perhaps, from a dozen tablets of irreversible changes in the body does not happen. But it's not for nothing that unsafe steroids are called sports drugs. The thing is that having achieved an increase in muscle mass as a result of doping, a person can not safely ensure its safety.

And in order to maintain musculature in such aall new increasing infusions of steroid drugs are required. There is a peculiar dependence of a person on taking anabolic. According to some bodybuilders, they, in order to be normal, subsequently required several daily doses for a single dose. It is against the backdrop of the fact that a person in large quantities takes steroids for a long time, the consequences are manifested as severe and formidable complications that pose a huge danger to health.

Do not listen to friends who do not understandin medicine and believe that since they have long swallowed the pill, and no bad consequences occur, nothing will happen. The payment for rash acts will surely come. The most serious changes will begin to manifest from the sexual sphere. In men, at first, there is some increase in potency, which is followed by a prolonged decline, until full impotence occurs. Girls have a menstrual cycle, coarsening of the voice, an increase in the hairline, pregnancy often results in miscarriage, and labor begins before the term and is of a severe nature.

Also sad for those who take steroids,the consequences are that the liver is seriously affected. There is a disruption of the functions of its cells and the synthesis of various substances necessary for the organism changes. The renal excretion function is also damaged.

Long-term use of anabolic drugs causes the occurrence of psychoses, unmotivated reactions, increased aggressive behavior. The nature of a person can change beyond recognition.

Side effects of steroids are furunculosis, numerous acne, normal functioning of the sebaceous glands is broken, resulting in the skin becoming a greyish-gray shade.

Despite the fact that anabolics stimulate growthmuscle mass, its hypertrophy, while they do not exert any influence on the ligaments. As a result, there is a rupture of tendons and ligaments, muscle tear and other injuries.

There is also a danger of contracting AIDS and other diseases as a result of using a single injection syringe in the company of beginning bodybuilders.

Today there are various non-steroidalanabolics that are supposedly harmless. But all the same it is necessary to refuse various preparations and not to risk the health and the future of the children, and to achieve beauty of a body persistence and persistent trainings.

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