Pistol traumatic Makarova, advantages and disadvantages

Makarov's traumatic pistol is a semi-automatic model of a pistol. It is designed on the basis of the combat pistol of the PM of the ninth caliber.

traumatic Makarov pistol

General information

In the traumatic version of the pistol, the originalThe threaded barrel is replaced by a smooth one, equipped with weakening grooves and a septum. All the differences from the combat pistol in the traumatic version are aimed at excluding the possibility of firing live ammunition. The Makarov pistol shoots with rubber bullets.

The appearance of this gun on the Russian marketinterested many users of self-defense weapons. Firstly, it became possible to purchase a gun that shoots rubber bullets, which is externally completely identical to the legendary Makarov combat pistol. Secondly, these pistols represent a kind of collector's value, because the Makarov traumatic pistol was made from combat pistols of the fifties. And in the Soviet era for the manufacture of Makarov pistols used more high-quality and durable steel. The PM produced in our days can not even get close to the quality with the models of those times.

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How the traumatic Makarov pistol works (90 j)

The principle of Makarov's traumatism isthe release of a free shutter. The barrel is locked due to the weight of the bolt and the force of the return spring. In the traumatic model, the spring is weakened and the diameter of the trunk is reduced.

A self-cocking shock-trigger mechanism is installed in the pistol, which allows only the conduct of a single fire. On the left of the shutter there is a fuse blocking the hammer when it is turned on.

traumatic pistol of Makarov 90 j

Advantages and disadvantages

In addition to reliability and high build quality,The Makarov traumatic pistol is an effective weapon of self-defense. In terms of self-defense, the advantages and disadvantages of this pistol are almost the same as those of his combat version. Among the shortcomings, it is possible to single out a rather large stroke of the trigger and the fact that it takes a lot of effort to press it. A small angle of inclination of the handle of the gun may not seem comfortable and ergonomic to everyone, although this is just a matter of habit. A narrow and low fly, as well as a small crochet with a small slit, adversely affects the accuracy of the shooting. But if you want to achieve high accuracy of shooting it is quite possible, compensating for the shortcomings of the sight by training.

Now consider the advantages of this weapon. The main advantage of the pistol, both in combat and in the traumatic version - is the highest level of its reliability. The Makarov traumatic pistol possesses the best qualities of short-barreled weapons. It is compact, durable, easy to maintain and handle, safe to use. As a weapon for permanent wearing in self-defense, the Makarov traumatic pistol fits perfectly. With him you can feel confident, knowing that he will not let you down in a dangerous situation. The only thing I would like to change is the capacity of the cartridges, especially since the strength of the gun barrel is quite suitable for this. If you want to buy a traumatic Makarov gun, its price ranges from 15 to 20 thousand rubles.

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