The composition of "Nice" in the season 2017-2018

"Nice" - one of the oldest clubs in France,four-time gold medalist of the championship and three-time winner of the Cup of the country. True, the lion's share of these awards was won in the middle of the last century, and in the modern history of the team everything is not as smooth as they would like.

The current composition of the football club "Nice"

However, due to the results of the last seasonthe French are playing in the Europa League and, if not for the defeat at the end of two matches from Napoli in the last round of the Champions League qualification, would have made it to the group stage of the main European tournament. The third place in the championship of France 2016-2017 with a huge gap from the nearest pursuers can be explained by a significant change in the composition of "Nice" before the start of a successful season. Here the role was played not only by new legionaries, but also by the ripened pupils of the football academy of the club, which should be especially pleasant for the owners and coaches of the team.

The composition of Nice
It is worth noting the appearance in the mainclip Mario Balotelli, who, oddly enough, came here to court (after the failure of performances for "Milan" and "Liverpool") and pinned in the championship 2016-2017 fifteen goals. Wesley Snyder and Dante also significantly strengthened the game in center field and in defense respectively. The Dutchman, plus everything, perfectly fulfills the standards.

For today the structure of club looks so:

  • goalkeepers - Joan Cardinal (Osn), Walter Benitez (rez);
  • defenders - Arnaud Souquet, Dante, Maxim Le Marchant, Christophe Jalle, Malang Sarr, Marlon, Patrick Bürner, Racine Coley;
  • midfielders - Pierre Lees-Melou, Vincent Cosigno,Jean Michel Seri, Wesley Sneijder, Allan Saint-Maksimen, Bassem Srafi, Remi Walter, Adrien Thamese, Nampalis Mendy, Vincent Marcel, Arno Lusamba, Hisham Mau, Jean Victor Mackengo;
  • attack - Mario Balotelli, Ignatius Ganago, Alassan Plea.

League of Europe

After two rounds of the group stagetournament the French club is in the lead, ahead of the Italian "Lazio" in the difference of the goals scored and conceded. The next game with the team from Rome in many ways should be indicative and reveal the obvious favorite of the quartet. It should be noted the high effectiveness of the current structure of "Nice" in the European League: eight goals scored in two games and only one missed. However, the two previous rivals, frankly speaking, are not the most dangerous: "Vitesse" and "Zulte-Waregem". But even with an unsuccessful game with Lazio, the exit from the group can be considered a matter of solved.


In August of this year, there were rumors thatmidfielder Frenchman Jean Michel Seri interested in "Barcelona" and is ready to pay for it to forty million euros. However, it later became clear that this player was considered Basques "as an option," and the transition did not happen in the end. This is probably for the better, as the player joined the main part of "Nice" (in 2015, moved to the club from "Pasos de Ferreira"). Last season, he scored seven goals and gave eight scoring passes.

Nice football club composition
Now the team is in the middle of the League table1 because of an unsuccessful start, but gradually gaining momentum and at the same time - points. Lucien Favre (head coach) is going to finish in the top five and sets up his guys. This is quite conducive to today's "Nice".

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