Wobblers on the pike

No fishing is unthinkable without bait, especiallyif you go for predatory fish. The most popular, common and discussed lures are the wobblers for pike. Their assortment is very large and constantly replenished with new models. Understand this diversity will help some kind of conditional classification of the depth of immersion in water.

Wobblers for pike can be divided into:

  • bait, which is used on the surface of water or with a slight penetration (up to 10 cm);
  • a bait suitable for catching a predator at a depth of 0.5 m;
  • wobblers with immersion over 0,5 m.

In addition, they are divided into the following types:

  • having a neutral buoyancy;
  • floating;
  • submerged or sinking.

Each of them also has its own characteristics. So, for example, for the wobbler, which has a neutral buoyancy, use jumplike trajectories of motion.

Drowning wobblers for pike are used for deepimmersion. Among them there are also models capable of diving. The degree of buoyancy of wobblers is affected by the structure and material from which they are made. The intensity of ascent and immersion will directly depend on the angles of the blades. The more complex the blade design, the more florid the wobblers will perform.

When choosing a color, several factors need to be considered. These include weather conditions, features of the water area, etc. For example, if you fish in the daytime, in clear weather and shallow water, the best in this situation will be a silvery wobblers. A deeper pond involves the use of blue and blue tones. Colors of golden hue are perfect for a cloudy day, and red and orange should be used in ponds with muddy water.

The size is chosen taking into account the dimensions of the pike that you plan to catch.

Many anglers, both amateurs andprofessionals use wobblers. A large number of these baits are provided for the pike. They are made of hard materials - wood and plastic. Wobblers are used to catch pike and other carnivorous fish for spinning. The principle of their action is that, thanks to the movement, they simulate the behavior of a wounded or sick fry, to which a predatory pike reacts.

Modern baits offered on the market fromdifferent manufacturers, allow you to choose and purchase the best wobblers for pike today. Competent specialists will tell you which bait is best for these or other conditions. Usually it is chosen based on the activity of the pike in the pond.

Catching wobblers on a pike whose behavioractive, are issued under the name "Bassaday Feather Cranc 12r Fl". They are perfectly thrown even when the wind is high enough and regardless of the angle of your location in relation to it. This model is the undoubted favorite in the conditions of competitions or in cases when you decided to put your own record.

Very catchy wobblers for pike is "Namidakun". They are good for catching both small pikes and adult individuals weighing more than 1 kg. They are used on the surface of water bodies.

The best wobblers for pike are represented by the model"Jackson Dead Float". They are good for use when the pike behaves inactive. The color of the bait is not important for fish, but the color wobblers on the water surface are easier to control the fisherman.

Going on fishing, it is worth remembering that forPike fishing is necessary to have a few more secrets. These include fish addictions and factors affecting biting. If you study all these points thoroughly, you are guaranteed an excellent catch.

What else does the fisherman need to know? Be sure to take into account in what condition the water body is and what its illumination is, then success will come to you guaranteed in the form of a huge catch.

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