Fighter Dmitry Sosnovsky - formidable heavyweight in the world of mixed martial arts

Mixed martial arts are gaining popularity withevery day. The best fighters become real stars of first-rate sports. However, in order to win a name, it is necessary to meet with the strongest athletes, otherwise you will disappear in obscurity. Dmitry Sosnovsky, a fighter whose biography will be told below, is a vivid example of this.

The guy from Yalta

In 1990, one of theprospective MMA fighters for today. Dmitry Sosnovsky was fond of martial arts since childhood, he was especially interested in the exotic Brazilian jujitsu for the post-Soviet space. The young man achieved serious success and achieved the right to a blue belt.

Childhood future fighter Dmitry Sosnovskyspent in Kharkov, where he was engaged in a favorite sport. In the world of mixed martial arts, he came not so long ago, starting to speak for the Ukrainian club "Oplot". On October 13, 2012, he held his first fight in the MMA.

fighter dmitry sosnovsky
Rival fighter was Svyatoslav Scherbakov, who did not last long against the native from Yalta. The fight was stopped by TKO.

In general, the first rivals of Dmitry Sosnovsky were not a serious force. Most of them had a negative balance of victories and defeats in their track record.

Career development

In 2013, the fighter Dmitry Sosnovsky moved toSt. Petersburg, where he signed a contract with the famous promoter organization Bellator. Nevertheless, before the famous match with Alexander Emelianenko, he did not often meet with strong rivals. It is possible to single out only a few fights of a young athlete.

Igor Kukurudzyak was the champion of Ukraine inkickboxing and mixed martial arts. A fight against him could be a test for a beginner. However, the fighter Dmitry Sosnovsky from the first minutes suppressed the more experienced enemy. Not letting Igor come to his senses, Dmitry knocked out that already in the first round.

The fight against Jerry Otto was the first wherethe Jiu-Jitsu specialist was able to demonstrate his wrestling skills. After a series of punches, the athlete from Germany was in the ring, then the fighter Dmitry Sosnovsky stifled the reception forcing him to surrender.

Victory over the brother of the "Last Emperor"

By now the brother of the legendary FedorEmelianenko Alexander is one of the strongest in the heavyweight division of mixed martial arts. According to the idea of ​​the organizers of the Coliseum FC - New History 2 tournament, the fighter Dmitry Sosnovsky was to become another defeated rival of the Russian athlete. Dmitri himself realized that in the upcoming match the favorite was the more experienced Emelianenko, on account of which there were more than twenty victories.

Dmitry Sosnovsky fighter biography

The battle took place in January 2014. Everybody expected Sosnovsky to work in the rack. However, from the very first moments of the fight, he decided to transfer the fight to the ground. Having received a dissection, the courageous fighter refused to end the fight and again began to knock down Alexander. After an unsuccessful attempt to conduct a painful reception, the fighter Dmitry Sosnovsky brought down a hail of blows to the rival in the pit and forced the judge to intervene to stop the fight with TKO.

The victory over the experienced and eminent fighter was herselfbright in the career of an athlete. Not so long ago, he signed a contract with the UFC. Today he is one of the most promising MMA fighters, and everyone is waiting for his new fights with strong rivals.

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