Stavropol clubs: description and prices

Over the past few years, the fitness industry inRussia is developing with leaps and bounds. Do not stay away from the general trend and the beautiful city of Stavropol. To date, Stavropol fitness clubs are not inferior to similar institutions in other cities of our country, and in some cases even surpass them.

Clubs of Stavropol

Main Network Clubs

In Stavropol, as in any other large city of Russia, there are representatives of all the largest networks. Network clubs of Stavropol represent such big names as:

  • "Alex-fitness." Probably the biggest network of clubs in Russia is represented by one, but it plans to expand in the near future.
  • X-fit is also represented in the city by one club, equipped with a swimming pool.
  • "City-fitness" and "Orange-fitness" have in Stavropol each one club. They belong to the same network, so they can be combined into one point.
  • "Planet-Fitness" also opened their own establishment in the city, which is not inferior to the rest.
  • "Fresh-fitness" is represented in the city by one club, which, as always, pleases visitors with a fashionable design.
  • "Sportlife" does not lag behind other networks and opened its own establishment in the city.

Other clubs

Of course, the market of fitness services in the city is notonly these big players. Nesetevye clubs Stavropol, too, do not lag behind the All-Russian and make them a serious competition. The city boasts a huge number of establishments - in Stavropol there are more than three dozen. They are located in all areas, so finding a club that will be near you is quite simple. Of the largest non-network establishments, there are such gyms as "Dolphin", "Detent", "Jimmyks" and many others who have won the hearts of all fitness enthusiasts in the city and presented them with slender, muscular and smart figures.

fitness clubs Stavropol

Price policy

Clubs in Stavropol are very different both in terms oflocation, area and inventory, and pricing. So, a single visit can vary from one hundred to six hundred rubles, and a monthly subscription, respectively, from a thousand to four thousand rubles. The annual subscription, as the most profitable in value, is sold at a price of ten to thirty thousand rubles. And regardless of whether the network is a club or a local one. Therefore, a fitness lover is easiest to choose a place to his liking, depending on its location and staffing, and then get acquainted with the pricing policy of the selected institutions. In any district there are various fitness clubs, Stavropol can boast of their abundance, so there is something to choose from.

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