How to choose professional sunglasses for swimming? The best sunglasses for swimming professional

In order to be comfortable to swim as inpool, and in any other pond, you need to protect your eyes with glasses. They will help prevent infection at the time of swimming in open water. In addition, with the help of them you can better see where you are sailing. At the present stage, professional swimming goggles are very common. And involuntarily there is a question on how to make a choice in favor of a certain model. What types of glasses exist? Pay attention to this.

Models for training

professional sunglasses for swimming

Active rest, performance of exercises,aqua aerobics - for all this training points are suitable. They are made taking into account their long use. Pressing on the zone around the eyes, such glasses will not be used for swimming. As a material from which the frame and strap are made, silicone acts. At the time of its suction, the skin will be perfectly sealed. Lenses in such models are unbreakable. It is better to choose in favor of those glasses that have a coating that prevents fogging and protects from exposure to sunlight. Reliable is the bridge of the nose that will not be regulated. It is more durable. However, in this situation, you should carefully choose professional swimming glasses, guided by the size.

To the negative sides of such models it is possiblecarry what after them on the skin are traces. If this interferes during the voyage, then you can choose glasses, the main material in which is neoprene. However, they serve less.

Start Models

Professional sunglasses for swimming are morerigid due to its landing. For this reason, they are used for competitions. They do not imply a napkin between the skin and the lenses. Either it can be thin. Such professional sunglasses should be hydrodynamic. This will help the swimmer to go faster. It is necessary to get used to starting models. And when this happens, it is unlikely that someone will refuse them.

Half-Mask Glasses

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Such models are able to cover most of the facecompared with training. In half-masks it is more convenient to swim in the sea. Especially if they do not get fogged up and have protection from sunlight. At the present stage, there are special models for women. They are characterized by a smaller size. Are made at the account of a structure of the face. The main disadvantages of such glasses include the feeling of discomfort that will be felt in the nose bridge. There may even be bruises. Therefore, choosing a half-mask, you need to control your sensations. But the review will be wider in it.

Children's models

The child also needs to buy glasses for swimming. Children's professional models do not need to be equipped with a non-fog coating. This is due to the fact that the child is able to simply break it. When choosing glasses, you should pay attention to the rubber. Cheap models can cause allergies. In addition, they can be poisonous. If your child is engaged in synchronized swimming, then you need to get light, foggy models, the sides of which are transparent. In this situation, visibility during training will not be limited.

swimming goggles for children professional

With poor vision

If you are wearing dailycorrection of vision, then you need to buy glasses for swimming with diopters. They can be produced in 0.5 and 1 dioptric increments. To swim under water, that's enough. Make this choice of optical power, as characterized by your permanent lens. However, dioptries can be slightly smaller. Harm does not do it. And there's really nothing to look at in the pool.

Correction of the eye can be done in different ways. How to choose in this situation glasses for swimming? Professional models today are quite diverse. And you can find whole designers. You have the opportunity to separately purchase lenses, bridge of the nose to connect the cups of glasses, rubber bands and carabiners for fasteners. There can be a lot of options, regardless of whether you see it badly or not.

Factors that may affect the choice

best sunglasses for swimming professional

  1. How to choose the best sunglasses for swimming? Professional models should ideally fit the features of the face. Therefore, they need to be purchased in shops where fitting is allowed. It is necessary to lean the lenses against the eyes and lightly press on them. If they do not disappear, when you remove your hands, then you will not miss such glasses. If it is possible to adjust the bridge of the nose, then we need to check how the landing can be changed. See how comfortable the strap is holding, whether it can be adjusted to fit a certain size. It is necessary to select models that do not crash into the bridge of the nose. Otherwise, such points will not be of much use.
  2. You need glasses for swimming,professional. How to choose? It is necessary to consider the color of the lens. This parameter will determine the amount of light transmitted. A dark cover is suitable if you swim in open water or in a pool that is well lit. With the help of such models it will be possible to reduce the brightness of the highlights. Smoky lenses do not distort colors. However, the brightness decreases. Increase the sharpness with brown, orange or yellow lenses. If you are going to swim in the open water, then make sure there is protection from the sun.
  3. Professional glasses should not be misted. Accordingly, they must be equipped with a special coating (antifog). You can find out about this by looking through the packaging. Covering a few months with the right care for him. To not destroy it ahead of time, do not wipe glasses or touch the glass from the inside. Do not leave them in the sun or use in the sauna. When the training is over, they should just be rinsed.


swimming goggles professional how to choose

In this review, the main nuances that should be considered when purchasing professional glasses for swimming were considered. We hope that they will help to make a correct, competent choice.

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