Wetsuit for women for surfing and swimming. Criterias of choice

Engaged in water sports, it is very importantto choose the right equipment. It is not only a tribute to the sporting fashion, but first and foremost the convenience and comfort of the athlete. Choosing a wetsuit, female or male, you need to know some features of the main types of such clothes. The following material will help you to understand the intricacies.

wetsuit for women

What are wetsuits?

Choose a suit for water is necessary, beforein total, taking into account the sport or active recreation, which you are going to do. Also, wetsuits differ in cut and length: you can find different combinations of long and short sleeves and pants, a separate or merged version of the top and bottom of the suit and other sewing features. Also, it is worth knowing that a women's wetsuit, unlike a man's suit, will have more inserts and darts because of the characteristics of the female figure.

According to the type of material used, wetsuits are conditionally divided into:

  • "wet";
  • "semi-dry";
  • "dry".

Each kind of costume has its pros and cons -there is no universal solution. The decisive factor in the choice is always the intended purpose, because each wetsuit is suitable for certain weather conditions, motor activity and type of activity.

wetsuit for women surfing

"Wet" wetsuit: who will approach

This name was given to specialized clothing made of porous rubber or neoprene. Water enters the pores of the material, which heats up from the heat of the body and keeps this temperature.

From such material it is best to selectWetsuit for swimming, diving or other sports, where no activity on open air is required. For surfing or floating sports, "wet" wetsuits are not too comfortable - because of the constant wind, water from the surface of the suit quickly evaporates and the wetsuit does not support heat.

Also, the "wet" suit is not very convenient for use in regions with low air and water temperatures.

Choosing a wetsuit for women or men from neoprene, you must carefully choose the size and model. This can only be done by thoroughly fitting and comparing several models and sizes.

wetsuit for swimming

Advantages of "dry" wetsuit

Wetsuits of a new generation produce fromspecialized tissue with a lot of membranes. Such material does not allow moisture to get inside the suit, while at the same time retaining the ability to remove excess heat and moisture. A variety of "dry" wetsuits are "semi-dry", the principle of their manufacture - in the combination of neoprene and membrane material. Water gets inside the wetsuit, but the top layer does not allow it to quickly evaporate. Thus, the temperature of the water in the suit is constantly maintained by the temperature of the body.

Choose such a wetsuit for loverssurfing and catering, various alloys and rafting. In other words, in all active types of water sports, which do not choose the weather conditions and water temperature, a "dry" wetsuit can not be avoided.

Unlike "wet" suits, "dry" often find application in a separate form: for example, a jacket from a membrane material is replaced by a one-piece wet suit for surfing.

The feminine version is not fundamentally different from the cut, because this version of sportswear does not require a tight fitting, the size range and the color solution will differ.

Select the sports equipment you need with a specialCareful: you do not need to chase a saving or "profitable" offer of a sports store. Wetsuit for women or men must be purchased only at authorized retail outlets of well-known manufacturers of sportswear - this will serve as a guarantee of the quality and durability of your equipment.

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