Anzor Boltukaev: free-style wrestling as a way of life

Prizewinner of the World and European Championships in freestylefight Anzor Boltukaev is considered one of the brightest fighters of his generation. He had to withstand incredible competition at the national level, competing in the country with world champions and Olympic triumphs. The fighter Anzor Boltukaev, whose photo is found in all the media of the Chechen Republic, is a cult athlete in his homeland. He is already over thirty, but he continues his active career, remaining one of the favorites.

Characteristics of the athlete

Anzor Boltukaev is a freestyle wrestler,serving in the category up to 97 kg. However, at times he faces problems of overweight, which he has to decide by driving extra pounds. Therefore, the athlete's mentors gladly accepted the news about expanding the scope of his weight class to 100 kg, which would greatly facilitate the life of their ward.

Member of the Russian national wrestling team AnzorBoltukaev, whose photo can be found in sports publications, is recognized by specialists as one of the brightest representatives of the heavyweight category. When he is in shape, he acts aggressively and confidently, constantly attacking the enemy and conducting a reception after reception.

Anzor Boltukaev freestyle wrestling
A sharp and technical fighter, a Chechen becomes a dangerous competitor for everyone and is not afraid of anyone. The biography of Anzor Boltukaev is rich in victories over the Olympic champions and world champions.

However, while the athlete is very vulnerableinjury, which follows from his manner of fighting. Bunches often do not withstand sharp, explosive movements during fights and often break. So he received a strong stretch groin in 2013, which knocked the athlete out of the rut for two whole years. The most recent injury he received at the recent European Championships, held in 2017. Particularly offensive was the fact that it happened already in the final duel, when the athlete was a step away from gold.

Long overclocking

In 1986, Anzor was born in GroznyBoltukaev. Freestyle wrestling is the number one sport in the North Caucasus, this hobby and a native of the capital of Chechnya did not escape. However, in the early years, he was not particularly distinguished among peers, and few believed that a large athlete would grow out of him. In the biography of Anzor Boltukaev there are almost no victories at the junior level, you can only recall the sixth place at the 2006 World Youth Championship.

However, he believed in himself, worked hard and for a couple of years made a real breakthrough in the world of big sport.

Anzor Boltukaev biography
At the 2008 Russian Championship, a young Chechenthe athlete took third place, opening an account for his awards. He acted particularly successfully on his native land. The Ramzan Kadyrov Cup was a tournament in which Anzor Boltukaev consistently took awards in different years.

However, after the first success at the national level, the athlete for a while goes into the shadows, losing the competition to the leaders of the heavyweight Khadzhimurat Gatsalov and Abdusalam Gadisov.

Return of the fighter

Until 2013 the photo of Anzor Boltukaev practicallynowhere appeared because of the lack of a fighter at major tournaments. Participation of an athlete in international forums was limited to preparatory competitions before the world and European championships.

However, everything changed after the national championship2013 on freestyle wrestling. Anzor Boltukaev came to the competition in excellent shape and for the first time showed himself in all its glory. In each fight he continuously attacked, confusing opponents and not letting himself come to his senses.

Anzor Boltukaev photo
In this vein, he defeated the Olympic championKhadzhimurat Gatsalov and another heavy rival Abdusalam Gadisov. So he won the right to participate in the World Cup in 2013, where he managed to take the bronze award.

Victory and failure

After a successful season in the life of an athlete againcomes a black streak associated with a groin injury. Almost two years of the photo of Anzor Boltukaev did not appear on the pages of specialized publications. The triumphant return took place in 2016, when at the Grand Prix of Ivan Yarygin he brilliantly dealt with two formidable Americans who had in their assets victories in the Olympic Games and world championships.

At the Russian wrestling championship AnzorBoltukaev, whose biography is experiencing a new round, finished in just a minute with his main rival for the Olympic tour, Khadzhimurat Gatsalov, and simultaneously earned the right to participate in the European Championship. Being in this form, he recognized the main favorite of the continental championship and confirmed the expectations of coaches. Having defeated Ukrainian Valeri Andrejev in the final battle, the Chechen became the champion of Europe and secured a trip to Rio.

wrestler Anzor Boltukayev photo

However, at the Olympics he could no longer maintain his victorious charge and lost to the same Andreytsev still at the early stages of the tournament.

In 2017, Anzor Boltukaev, whose biography inthe sport reached its peak, the second time in his life went to the European Championships. He confidently went to the finals, but at the crucial moment of the decisive battle he broke the meniscus. With a severe knee injury, the Chechen athlete nevertheless continued the struggle, but lost to the Turk of Rize Yildirim.

Now, Anzor is recovering from the damage and is preparing for new challenges.

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