Duane Wade: career, achievements

Dwyane Wade is undoubtedly one of the bestbasketball players in the history of the NBA. The player became famous for performances in the Miami Heat club, as well as high achievements together with the national team. Today, Wade continues to successfully perform in the new team "Chicago Bulls".

Dwein Wade - Biography

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The future basketball player was born on January 17, 1982in a poor family from the southern district of Chicago. Parents decided to divorce at a time when Duane was still quite a baby. Some time the child had to live with his older sister, and then with his father and stepmother.

As a child, Duane Wade tried to be equal in everything to his idol Michael Jordan. The boy learned to repeat the tricks of the legendary player "Chicago Bulls", spending all his leisure time on the basketball court.

In high school, no one wanted to pay attention toon the talents of the guy, because he had to constantly be in the shadow of his older brother Demetris, who at that time was the main playmaker in the national team of the educational institution. After a while, Dwyane Wade significantly increased in growth, which allowed him to successfully compete on the basketball court with peers. The guy was not only a good player, but also able to impress spectators with dizzying tricks, causing resentment among opponents.

Since Wade almost always gave the gamein basketball, his academic achievements left much to be desired. As a result, only one Marquette University in Milwaukee agreed to accept it. Already on the basis of the results of the first course, Dwayne was temporarily suspended from playing basketball, as his ratings were extremely unsatisfactory. However, after the closure of academic debts, the guy managed to become the leader of the student team of Golden Eagles. To attract the attention of sports agents, Dwyane Wade made a successful game against Kentucky Wildcats, where a young basketball player set a record of effectiveness for a match among university clubs.

Starting a career in the NBA

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In 2003, the player was offered a contractrepresentatives of the club "Miami Heat". Already in the debut season for a new team, Wade got the status of the most talented young league newcomer. And this is not surprising, because young talent managed to ring up an opponent in the ring on average 16 goals per game, perform 4.5 assists and 4 rebounds.

In many ways thanks to the actions of the rookieteam, "Miami Heat" defeated the opponents in 42 fights, but at the same time lost in 40 games. Despite high rates in speed and perfected technique, for some time Veid was still in the shadow of the recognized leaders of the team Carmelo Etoni and LeBron James. However, the following season, after a successful series of games against the Dallas Mavericks in the final, Duane was awarded the title of the most valuable player in the playoff stage.

Resonant transition to the Chicago Bulls

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In the summer of 2016, Wade presented an open letter tofans who so appreciated him for a spectacular basketball. "Chicago Bulls" - one of the direct competitors, "Miami" for the championship, offered the player a tempting contract. In his address to the public, Duane explained the desire to move into a new club underestimating his talents from the leadership of the former team. The contract with the "Chicago" basketball player signed on July 15 this year. The agreement is designed for 2 years.

Sports achivments

Duane Wade is a recognized master of the game. Basketball brought him the status of three-time champion of the NBA, as well as the most valuable player in the final series of 2006. Among other things, Wade is the most productive basketball player of the regular season of 2009.

The player participated in a record numbermatches of all stars. To performances in the demonstration tournament the athlete was invariably involved in the seasons 2005-2015. Here, Duane Wade was twice recognized as the best in demonstrating basketball skills.

As part of the United States national team, the player became the bronze medalist of the Athens Olympics (2004) and the champion of international competitions in Beijing (2008).


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To date, Duane Wade remains one of thethe best masters of the game. Basketball made him a leader not only on the court, but also beyond. Wade almost no equal in the position of the attacking defender in the American League of the NBA. For the high starting speed and ability to take lightning fast decisions, the player received the nickname "Flash", which fully corresponds to his behavior at the opponent's ring.

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