How many calories are burned while swimming in the pool? Calorie consumption calculator

Swimming is perhaps the only sport,which is suitable for every person. Healthy, sick, adults, children, full, thin - anyone can take up swimming. If you really want to lose weight, to protect yourself from possible injuries, you'd better enroll in a swimming pool with a professional instructor who will help you in the beginning of the technique of performing movements and breathing correctly.

Swimming time in the pool

Benefits of visiting the pool

Swimming will not only perfectly correct the figure,but also will give muscles a tone. In addition, this sport strengthens the heart, lungs, improves posture. Swimming trains all muscle groups at once, which is never achieved by engaging in another sport.

Treat your health carefully if you arefor the first time in the pool, consult with the instructor, let him help you to put the equipment, advise on what drawbacks you need to work and how many times a week to deal with.

Another advantage of this sport isAccessibility for busy people. You can choose the time of swimming in the pool on your own. Early in the morning, water will help recharge your batteries for the whole day, and in the evening you will effectively tune into sleep.

Costs of calories

In addition, if you have a tight schedule, swim for only half an hour and continue to do their own thing. Even the minimum amount of time will benefit both your figure and your health.

How many calories are burned while swimming?

The question that worries many people,mostly women, concerns weight loss by swimming. We are glad to please you, because swimming takes a lot of energy. So, the cost of calories while swimming in the pool significantly exceeds the energy consumption during classes by many other sports.

Calorie consumption calculator

How many calories are burned while swimming, dependsfrom the style that you have chosen. You can combine several styles for one visit to the pool, if you are an amateur and do not prepare for professional competitions. So, for women, the average calculator of calorie consumption during swimming in the pool is as follows:

  • On the back - 290 kcal.
  • Krolem - 260 kcal.
  • Brass - 270 kcal.
  • Butterfly - 290 kcal.

For an average male, the calorie consumption calculator looks different:

  • On the back - 400 kcal.
  • Crawl - 375 kcal.
  • Brass - 390 kcal.
  • Butterfly - 375 kcal.

This list is designed for a session time of 30 minutes. If you swim for an hour, double each digit, if more, calculate the power consumption proportionally. The consumption of calories will increase if you have a lot of excess weight, that is if you weigh more than 70 kg (for women) and more than 120 kg (for men).

Is it possible to lose weight by swimming?

When we found out how many calories are burned whenswimming, we can safely say that it is quite possible to lose weight by practicing this kind of sport. But do not rush to rejoice, because there are several factors that oppose the process of losing weight.

First, after a swimming session, a person feels a strong hunger, so lost calories can return in double size.

The second argument is a very heavy loadon the muscles. Swimming in the pool of calories burns, but the person is so tired that he avoids motor activity in everyday life. Thus, calories are consumed exclusively during swimming, which is not enough when losing weight.

Most sports involve consumptionenergy not only directly during class, but also immediately after it. This is due to the sharply increased body temperature. The body spends extra energy on the fight against cold. Swimming does not contribute to raising the temperature, so when you leave the water, energy is drastically reduced.

How many calories are burned while swimming?

If you decide to lose weight by swimming

If you liked this sport and you do not want to engage in other activities, you should know that losing weight by swimming is realistic if you follow certain recommendations.

Experts advise to swim in cool water, but not in cold water. You should feel comfortable during the session.

It has already been noted that navigation contributes tostrengthening of the heart and lungs, which is why this sport is an ideal preparation for more serious and heavy loads. Also you can combine swimming, for example with fitness. Then it will give the desired result.

Plan your diet, do not let the hunger that overtakes you after the session, destroy your dreams of an ideal figure. Just prepare yourself a low-calorie snack.

No one is immune from hypothermia. Be attentive to your body. If you feel mildly ill, stop the session in order to avoid colds or inflammation of certain organs.

Swimming in the sea

Swimming in the sea compared with the session inThe pool has advantages. Being in the open sea, you will lose more calories only due to the fact that you do not have support. You will direct all efforts to stay afloat when the pool is always near the edge of the rim or buoy.

While sailing on the high seas, you will not burnless than 400 kcal per hour, and your skin will absorb the beneficial trace elements contained in salt water. This procedure is able to replace the massage session in professional beauty salons.

Swimming in the sea

Rules of healthy weight loss

Having found out how many calories are burned while swimming,many people rush to record in the pool without studying the elementary rules, without which the body not only will not lose weight, but will also get health problems.

First, swimming, strangely enough, leads to dehydration of the body. Before and after training, drink the maximum amount of clean water to avoid feeling unwell.

Secondly, do not eat up before the session. Yes, swimming causes severe hunger, but before training it is prohibited for at least 2 hours. Neglect of this rule can lead to poor health during the session and to inefficient digestion of food.

However, about an hour before training, doctorsrecommend eating a small amount of food rich in carbohydrates. It can be a banana or a small piece of chocolate. Carbohydrates give the energy necessary for effective training.

Swimming in the pool of calories

Swimming as a means of stress

Everyone knows that the stresses and nerves that arisein everyday life, often lead to overeating, and this, in turn, threatens obesity. Swimming not only improves the physical form, but also actively removes the stress accumulated for the day. If you look at the problem of losing weight on this side, then the appearance of a feeling of hunger after training does not seem to be an obstacle to finding the coveted form.

Doing regular with this sport, you will becomenot only fit, but also cheerful, which is no less important for a beautiful appearance and a happy life in harmony with yourself and the surrounding people.

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