The fighter for life: Victor Zangiev

Viktor Zangiev is a freestyle wrestler who startedperform at a fairly young age, representing the USSR at various competitions. The Ossetian athlete managed to win the title of the champion of Europe and the world in the junior ring. Become a six-time champion of the RSFSR and take prizes in many domestic championships of the USSR. Honored Master of International Affairs of the USSR.

The path to victory

A native of Khabarovsk. Was born on 26.05.1962 in the family of the deserved coach of the RSFSR. From an early age engaged in wrestling, the basic techniques which took over from his father, Zantemir Zangiev. In 1977, the family moved to Cherkessk, where the young man was identified in a section headed by A. Z. Dzgoev. Viktor Zangiev never experienced a great love for sports, but he always listened to the opinion of his father, whose authority was unquestionable. Thanks to his father and an experienced mentor who is a well-deserved coach of the USSR, in 1981 he managed to win a significant victory at the prestigious competitions in Vancouver. Becoming the world champion among young men, Victor Zangiev continued intensive training and the following year he became the owner of the European belt of champions among the youth. From 1980 to 1988, six times became the leader of the competition in the RSFSR.

Debut in Bushido

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Viktor Zangiev became, perhaps, the mosta memorable representative of the Russian Federation, performing in the prestigious tournament UWFI. His first fight was spectacular, but it was not possible to defeat Eggi Anjo. Despite the defeat in the debut, an international master and a student of the Soviet martial arts school was able to make an indelible impression on the Japanese public. Everyone was delighted to observe his techniques, the existence of which was not even suspected. Many were amazed by the incredible flexibility, lightning-fast reaction and technique, allowing to occupy a favorable position in the stalls. He easily left the captures, and when the body was in the castle and the rival was ready to conduct a painful reception, the Russian wrestler was on the bridge. Beginning with legs and making turns, he became like a spider, who caught his victim. Twisting the enemy, he quickly rose to his feet, tearing off the applause of the hall.

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The hero of our article showed a highlevel of skill, and the public wanted to see him in the case against Albright or Takada. However, to achieve success in bushido is not so simple, because it is necessary to master several techniques, including percussion. The fights of Victor Zangiev have always been interesting for fans of this sport. Despite the fact that he always stayed among the middle peasants, even the most eminent sportsmen prepared themselves for confrontation with him. Each entrance to the ring was spectacular, and the intrigue was preserved until the last moment.


Unique wrestler Viktor Zangiev, biographywhich is associated not only with the sport, became the prototype of a superhero used as a virtual character in the game Zangieff. Multipliers also took advantage of his prototype, removing the cartoon "Ralph." Even the world-famous actor Van Damme was pleased to play the role of a Russian fighter in the movie "Street Fighter".

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Leaving the arena, Viktor Zantemirovich is engaged in the younger generation, passing his colossal experience to future champions.

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