Your face can also be slim! How to lose weight in the cheeks at home?

Every woman dreams of being beautiful and slim. Usually these dreams boil down to possessing the ideal figure, but everyone thinks about the face at the last moment. But in fact, if desired, the facial muscles can be trained separately. How to lose weight in the cheeks with special exercises, and are there other ways?

Lose weight wisely

How to lose weight in the cheeks
An absolutely normal phenomenon is a person withpronounced cheeks with a general propensity to fullness. If the figure has its possessor claims, it makes sense to start with a comprehensive weight loss. Revise your view of nutrition, choose useful products that give a sense of satiety for a long time. But the presence in the diet of fatty, floury and frankly unnatural and harmful food is best minimized. Try also to give up the habit of eating between business and gorging before going to bed. If you want to learn how to lose weight in the cheeks, we have good news for you - most of the extra pounds start to go from the upper part of the body. In order to accelerate the effect of the diet, you can also start playing sports and try to move more constantly.

Swelling is always "obvious"

Very often on puffy cheeks girls complain,having a fairly slender figure. What is the reason for this anomaly? Most likely, it's all about banal edema. In order to help the body get rid of excess fluid in the intercellular space and prevent its accumulation, it is necessary to drink enough pure water. Doctors and nutrition experts advise daily to use at least 1.5-2 liters. Minimize the use of highly salted foods, you can try and at all go gradually to slightly salted or unsalted food. Dehydration is also caused by alcoholic beverages and coffee. Try to drink them as little as possible, and perhaps you do not have to look for the answer to the question: "How to lose weight in the face, cheeks and chin?"

Exercises for a slender face

Sunken cheeks
To get rid of puffy cheeks will help and correctthe organization of a berth. It is best to sleep on your back on fairly hard cushions. But when choosing soft bedding during a night of rest, the face "spreads out", as a result of which the cheeks may hang and lose their elasticity. To restore the tone of the muscles of the face will help special exercises. Remember, the effect will only be if you regularly execute them.

You have to work every day, andpreferably 2 times a day. How to lose weight in the cheeks at home using a special facial charge? All is simple enough, the first exercise: slowly tilt your head back and open, and then close your mouth. It is desirable to repeat this movement at least 10 times. The second exercise - turns the head, take turns in each direction, try to take your head as far as possible, keeping your back straight. Try to sing all the vowels of the alphabet, performing each letter with your own individual - arbitrary facial expressions. Another incredibly useful exercise for the face is drawing. Hold your lips with a pencil and try to take out any letters, words or whole phrases in the air.

Your face needs a massage, too!

How to lose weight in the face cheeks
"Slender" and ruddy cheeks are sure to bea woman who is not too lazy to massage them every day. Moisten a medium-sized towel in the herb infusion and make sharp spanking movements while pulling both ends. The next day for massage you can prepare a solution of sea salt at a rate of 1 tablespoon per liter. The towel must necessarily be terry and hard enough. If your goal is hollow cheeks, alternate salty and herbal pats every other day. For the preparation of herbs, take in equal parts chamomile, lime blossom, sage and yarrow, for 1 tablespoon of a mixture of dried herbs you need 1.5 glasses of hot water. The mixture can be brewed in the evening or in the morning, but not less than 20 minutes before use.

Secrets of skin care and tips for every day

How to lose weight in the cheeks at home
To help lose weight a person can and cosmeticfacilities. Choose a cream, lotion, means for washing and removing makeup, which really suits you perfectly. In addition, do not forget to regularly make facial masks. You can use ready-made products, bought at a pharmacy or a cosmetic store, or you can prepare care compositions yourself. Still think how to lose weight on the cheeks? Try a mask with clay. The main ingredient can be bought in a pharmacy in the form of cosmetic powder. Clay should be diluted with water and add egg yolk. Ready mixture put on face and hold for 20 minutes, then rinse with water. Try also making masks with egg whites, oat flakes and lemon juice. In fact, the skin and any mixture of food products, provided they are of natural origin, will benefit.

What do salons offer to those who want to lose weight face?

Rosy cheeks
Sunken cheeks can be obtained by contacting the salonbeauty. Those who want to build a face modern cosmetology offers a variety of procedures. Usually this is a hardware and manual massage and various facial masks. They offer services on local weight loss and plastic surgery clinic. On the face, if necessary, you can make liposuction (remove excess subcutaneous fat), and if there are sagging skin folds - a tightening or other more complicated operation is required. And yet, all these methods can be considered extreme because of their high cost and perceptible risk. It is much safer and cheaper to lose weight at home without the help of specialists. In addition, now you know how to lose weight in the cheeks, and you can only follow the suggestions above.

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